Beef, pork and lamb cuts

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It’s easy to get lost in all the cuts of meats available at our butcher and it seems so obvious for him that we end up buying the same cuts of meat over and over again because we’re afraid to try out other stuff.

I wanted to make a short article with pictures of the different cuts of pork, beef and lamb to help you diversify your next visit at the butcher. Keep in mind that the parts of the animal where the muscles are used most often will be the toughest and therefore need longer and slower cooking (braising and stewing for example). Don’t skip them though, cooked gently in a liquid, you’ll get delicious meat for a smaller price tag. Tender cuts can be cooked rapidly and make great last minute meals.

Without further ado, the American cuts of beef

Cuts of beef

American cuts of pork

Cuts of pork

Cuts of lamb

Cuts of lamb

Hope this helps discern what’s available other than steaks, chops and ground meat!

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