The one Paleo resource that’ll help you the most: Your Guide to Paleo

Paleo Resources

Even though eating a paleo diet seems so natural for most people who’ve been following this lifestyle for a while, it can be a real challenge for others. Some people also just need more information for a deeper understanding of everything related to nutrition. It also gets hard, from time to time, to discern bogus information from true facts rooted in science and observations, especially since, in our opinion, general nutritional guidelines fall more often then not on the bogus side.So what exactly are the best ways to learn more about the diet, lifestyle and ways to improve your health through your eating habits and lifestyle? There are quite a few very good resources available out there, but we’ll try to point you to the main ones.We’ve included informational websites and blogs, books, products and websites to find food online.

Websites and blogs

Mark’s daily apple

Mark's daily appleMark Sisson is the one person who made me discover the Paleo diet. He calls his version of the diet the Primal blueprint, because he also incorporates lifestyle and habit changes that are in line with our ancestor’s lifestyle (e.g. sleep, leisure time,  intermittent  fasting, …) He his a super impressive guy and always tries to bring balance to his recommendations to make things very easy to integrate in the day to day life. His site is called Mark’s daily apple and you’ll find a tons of great information. I would definitely put his blog in my bookmarks and check it every day if I were you.

Robb Wolf’s blog and podcast

Robb WolfRobb Wolf is a personal trainer and biochemist who’s passionate about Paleo and likes to go deep into the subject with exact explanations as to why certain things work while others don’t. He has a great weekly podcast where he answers questions people send him through his blog and you’ll find lots on gems in there, especially if you’re dealing with specific problems or autoimmune diseases. I strongly recommend that you listen to a couple of his podcasts and see if you can get some of your questions answered.

The Weston A. Price Foundation

Weston A. Price FoundationI think that the work of the Weston A. Price foundation is a true gem in Paleo world and I wrote about it in a separate article. They certainly have diverging opinions concerning dairy and some grain products, but the basis is the same as Paleo and the site is full of great information and in-depth articles written by people who really know what they are talking about.

Hunt Gather Love

Hunt Gather LoveMelissa McEwen is also active in the growing Paleo community of NYC and she as a great and often entertaining blog where she discusses all matters around the paleo lifestyle.

Chris Kresser

The Healthy SkepticChris Kresser really does a great job of going in-depth into subjects like thyroid diseases, GERD, heart disease, fish oil, … I really like his style of writing and I’ve learned a lot from his blog.

The Perfect Health Diet

Perfect Health DietThis is another great blog by two scientists that can probably teach you a thing or two about nutrition. They have a very interesting take on some aspects of a perfect diet for health and longevity and they bring nice ideas to the table like keeping proteins on the low side for example and the consumption of safe starch. Excellent website!


HyperlipidPeter is a vet and a genius and his information will blow your mind. He’s well-versed in science and biochemistry and if you’re like me you’ll only understand 25% of his posts, but just that 25% will be very mind blowing. He digs out the truth behind nutritional and health papers.

Dr. Michael Eades’ blog

Dr. Michael Eades' blogDr. Michael Eades, along with his wife, Dr. Mary Eades, are pioneers in low-carb, high-fat nutrition and have been spreading the right nutritional information now for a number of years. Dr. Eade’s blog his great and often very insightful.

Paleo Hacks

Paleo HacksThis is the site I like to hang around all the time. It’s a question and answer site where you get to ask any Paleo diet related question that you have in mind and get knowledgeable members of the community give you their answer. It’s a site where participation and respect is greatly encouraged and you’ll find a ton of information. I could spend whole days on that site.

Whole Health Source

Whole Health SourceOne of the best blogs about nutrition out there. Stephan Guyenet is the guy to read for information regarding ancestral nutrition. He likes to analyse papers and to study traditional cultures in regards to their health and nutritional habits. Very insightful and thought provoking.

Free The Animal

Free the animalRichard is a colorful guy who isn’t shy to voice his opinion against the conventional dogmas and nutritional stupidity spread around nowadays. Sometimes informative, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, a very fun blog to read.

Hunter Gatherer

Hunter GathererJohn Durant has become sort of the poster buy for Paleo. After having been featured in a New York Times article and on the Colbert Report, he his now well-known and active in the Paleo community of NYC. His blog is very entertaining.

Books and cookbooks

Good Calories Bad Calories

Good Calories Bad CaloriesThis is the book that started it all for a lot of people that are now following a Paleo diet. Gaury Taubes does a great job of bringing the truth behind the dogma behind fat and carbohydrate and their effect on our metabolism. This is a very heavy book that will appeal to people versed in science, but it’s also a great read for anyone interesting in going deeper in understanding the mechanics behind what we eat and why the bad guy isn’t fat.

Primal Body Primal Mind

Primal Body Primal MindNora Teresa Gedgaudas brought us a great book about ancestral nutrition. The twist is that she brings out tweaks with the goal of being even healthier than our ancestors, through a little less protein and even more fat consumption. She raises very interesting points.

The Vegetarian Myth

The Vegetarian MythLierre Keith, a reformed vegan, explains in great prose how eating a plant-based diet is not the answer to world hunger and happy cows. She does a great job and only religious vegans can read a book like that and not rethink their diet.

The Paleo Solution

The Paleo SolutionThis book is just out of the oven and his already poised for great success. Robb Wolf really knows his stuff and presents you his explanation and implementation of a paleo diet. Complete with a fitness section, a section on sleep, a meal plan and recipes. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the book, it’s a really good all around introduction to Paleo. You’ll go into a bit more science in this book than in a book like the Primal Blueprint.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Nutrition and Physical DegenerationThis is a required reading for anybody interested in health and nutrition. It represents the work and findings of Dr. Weston A. Price when he studied traditional cultures all over the world. This book is also available online here

Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing TraditionsA great cookbook from Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price foundation. The book also includes recipes with grains, but also features prominently good animal fats, meat and fermented food. A really great book overall.

Wild Fermentation

Wild FermentationA great book to learn how to ferment anything but the kitchen sink. Seriously though, preparing our own fermented food can seem complicated, but this book does a great job at making it really simple.


FatA great book to learn to cook what that macronutrient that has been so demonized that we forgot it tastes amazing: fat.

Buying food online and finding local farmers

Alderspring Ranch

Alderspring RanchA great place to buy grass-fed and pasture-raised meat online in the US. You can read our interview with Alderspring’s Glenn Elzinga to learn all about the ranch and what it means to produce real grass-fed beef.

Pure Indian Food

Pure Indian FoodIn my opinion the best place online to buy high-quality organic grass-fed clarified butter (Ghee). That stuff is pure liquid gold!

Tropical Traditions

Tropical TraditionsYour place for all kinds of coconut products. They are well-known for their high-quality coconut oil.

Cultures for Health

Cultures for HealthA great source to find starters for yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut or any other kind of fermented drink or vegetable. The also sell the necessary fermenting equipment to get you started fermenting your own food.

Local Harvest

Local HarvestA great site to find local farmers markets and family farms in the US.

Eat Wild

Eat WildA great site to source local and environmentally conscious farmers in your region.