What’s Happening: Carbs, Carbs, Carbs!

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Sweet potatoes

The latest news this week is all about that much-maligned macronutrient, the carbohydrate. A new TED talk from Peter Attia explores the topic of diabetes, and the dismal failure of the current carb-centric, fat-phobic treatment plan. Another critique of the mainstream stance on diabetes comes from Dr. John Briffa’s blog, where he analyzes an enormous study on diet and diabetes that didn’t even mention the potential role of carbohydrates. And as NPR reports, a recent study from the Boston Children’s Hospital suggests that high-GI carbs (like refined grains and sugar) activate the brain areas involved in addictive behavior, in a way that complex carbohydrates don’t.

On a more positive note, Richard Nikoley has finished up his experiment with resistant starch, with summary posts here and here – so don’t run into your kitchen to throw out the potatoes quite yet!

Carbs aside, other news this week includes:

  • The Whole9 Life team posted a fantastic explanation of how fundamentalism about any kind of diet (Paleo or otherwise) does nothing but harm.
  • “Everything in moderation” is repeated ad nauseam as the ultimate mantra of a healthy diet, but some people just prefer to abstain completely, and that’s fine too. A new post from Paleo NonPaleo discusses the difference.
  • A trio of new studies recently re-evaluated the risks of raw milk and found that they aren’t actually as serious as public health authorities previously thought. Chris Kresser discusses the news here.
  • To help keep that vibrant rosy glow in your cheeks, check out The Healthy Home Economist’s new guide to 3 important minerals for skin health.
  • Robb Wolf’s blog is really focusing on the dangers of over-exercise/under-recovery lately; after last week’s feature on the Female Athlete Triad, this week brings a warning about adrenaline resistance, another potentially dangerous (and obesogenic) consequence of working out too much, sleeping too little, and living under chronic stress.

Also, if you’ve been struggling to find a decent brand of seaweed, you’re in luck! Head back to the article on seaweed for an updated section on where to get wheat-free, soy-free seaweed products.

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