What’s Happening: Fat and Carbs

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Fat and carbs

Very few people really hate on protein – mostly it’s fat and carbs that come in for the constant demonizing. But once you look past the hype, neither macronutrient is truly a devil (or an angel); it’s always more complicated. So this week, read about some benefits of both, starting with fat:

  • How can you prevent gallstones during weight loss? Eat more fat! In a recent meta-analysis high-fat diet was strongly connected with fewer gallstones. (Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes)
  • While you’re calmly refusing to demonize things, it’s also helpful to understand why some people do – here’s an explanation of how epidemiology was misused to demonize dietary fat. (Ketopia)

And now for the carbs!

  • For the ladies: menstrual dysfunction associated with exercise can be treated by a very simple fix: more carbs! 30% of energy from carbs is a little higher than the Paleo range typically goes, but compared to osteoporosis and infertility down the line, it looks pretty good. (SuppVersity)

Go grab yourself a nice baked potato with some butter on top, and then take a gander at the rest of the Paleo news lately, plus a quick quiz to test your advanced Paleo savvy:Sleepless man

  • If beef, chicken, and pork are getting boring, why not try some venison or rabbit? Think of it as a step even beyond grass-fed. Here’s a quick guide to getting game meats on your plate. (Breaking Muscle) – and by the way, a lot of this meat is actually available in supermarkets; you just have to look in the freezer section rather than behind the butcher counter.
  • How do you talk to yourself? For most of us, it’s often a stream of abuse and put-downs. Would you talk to your friends that way? Probably not – and yes, it matters. (Robb Wolf)


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