What’s Happening: Fat In Depth

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Nutritious butter

It’s not always easy to find satisfying, in-depth writing on the internet, especially on a topic as emotionally loaded as the question of fat (the kind in your butter, not the kind on your hips). But a topic this complicated really does deserve a more detailed treatment. So this week, settle down with a cup of coffee and take a look at two longer reads on the topic of fat:

  • If you ever get grief for eating “all that fat” (or if you’ve secretly worried about it yourself), here’s an excellent in-depth look at animal fat, why it’s been vilified, and the whole constellation of opinions opposed to the standard “cholesterol is deadly” line.

Ready for more? Check out some of the other news from around the Paleo world lately:

  • If you’ve tried and failed to “love your body,” this might be useful: a perceptive argument that just “loving your body” is not enough. Sometimes, body issues aren’t really about your body at all, and focusing on the body itself is just treating the symptom without really addressing the problem.

Now that you’re all caught up, why not try your hand at a quiz to see how well you really know Paleo sources of important nutrients?

Quiz: “But where can I get…?”

Do you ever have to field questions about “where do you get your calcium?” or “where do you get your fiber?” So many people are completely unaware that they can get calcium from somewhere that isn’t dairy, or fiber from anything but grains.

Here’s a quiz to test how well you can fire right back with Paleo food sources of important nutrients.


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