What’s Happening: Healthy…or Not!

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Some foods are unrepentantly unhealthy – nobody at Cinnabon is pretending their product is good for you. But other foods get promoted as wholesome and nutritious, even though the inside doesn’t begin to live up to the advertising. Take a look at two particularly egregious offenders that made the news this week:

  • Quest bars get heavily marketed to the Paleo crowd as high-protein, low-carb alternatives to commercial meal replacements. But Fooducate takes a look at the ingredients list and gives them two thumbs down for highly processed protein and an extreme amount of lab-created “fiber.”
  • In a laughable display of entirely missing the point, General Mills is now touting Cheerios as GMO-free. Even the company itself admits that this involves only a tiny change to the formula (since the main ingredient in Cheerios is oats and there are no GM oats), but the laughable part is the idea that switching to non-GM sugar somehow makes the sugar itself a healthy breakfast option.

The good news is the reason why General Mills is clutching at GMO-free Cheerios: stagnant or declining sales of highly refined and processed breakfast cereal! The fewer people who eat a bowl of sugar every day for breakfast, the better. But moving on to foods you might actually want to put in your mouth, take a look at the news and events this week from around the community:

  • Is coffee still healthy for you?If you have any kind of mold allergy, you might be avoiding coffee for fear of mycotoxins, commonly misunderstood but potentially dangerous toxins formed by mold on coffee beans stored in humid environments. This new look at the research might set your mind at ease, though: drinking coffee made from roasted beans presents a very small risk at normal levels of consumption.
  • Continuing his ongoing critique of statin drugs, Dr. Briffa explores how statin makers took credit for a decrease in heart disease deaths that started in the 70s…even though the surge in statin prescriptions didn’t start until the 90s.

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