What’s Happening: Pause and Reflect

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It’s been almost 6 weeks since the beginning of the year: if you made a resolution, how are you doing? Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a bump in the road, but remember: one bad day does not mean you failed. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a week of bad days, and in a year you’ll never even remember that you caved to the candy hearts.

Stepping back to see the big picture can help you get back on the road to meeting your goals, but even if you’re going strong (or if you never made a resolution at all), it’s still useful to pause and take stock of how you’ve been eating, sleeping, and moving this year. What are you proud of? What have you been struggling with? And what concrete, specific things can you do to stay on a roll with your victories and work on your weak spots?

Done with the self-reflection? Check out what everyone else has been up to this week:PUFA fats

  • A fascinating post from the McGill Office for Science and Society discusses the ways that Omega-6 fats can spur production of endocannabinoids (yep, the ones in marijuana), creating a literal kind of “addiction” to processed food. Yet another reason to pass on the soybean oil!
  • Frank at Exuberant animal argues that if we want to beat “lifestyle diseases,” we need to make a massive mental shift, from victims to creators.
  • As individuals, we’re all responsible for our own choices. But as citizens, we’re also affected by anything that happens in the political sphere – food policy can have a huge health impact on an individual and a population level. And that’s why you should care about the farm bill. Only two years late, the United States finally has a farm bill – and, of course, it’s a tangled mess of subsidies and interest groups. If Paleo is going to break out of the minority, we’re going to have to tackle this monster, and hopefully sooner rather than later!
  • It’s always amusing to see news outlets faced with a study that contradicts the low-fat line: check out this piece from NPR on a pair of studies suggesting that full-fat dairy (butter and cream) was linked with a smaller risk of becoming obese, and had no relationship whatsoever with heart disease.
  • Whether you’re a creative type or not, this post on art therapy from Mark’s Daily Apple makes some interesting points about art and the brain.

What’s been the biggest health victory for you in 2014? What are you still working on? Let us know on Facebook or Google+!

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