What’s Happening: Statins in Review

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The new cholesterol guidelines and recommendations for statin treatment got a brief mention in a previous post, but now that the dust has had a chance to settle, take a look at some of the more helpful and well-argued responses from both sides of the debate:



Most Paleo dieters tend toward skepticism of anything that would increase statin prescriptions, but it’s always interesting to read what the other side has to say about an issue: you never know what interesting perspectives you might be missing!

In other news from around the community this week:

  • After a fascinating talk at the Ancestral Health Symposium about Facebook and Paleo, Tony FED is back on the topic of “empty social calories:” how the modern world is just as bad for our brains as it is for our bodies.

Modern life

  • If you didn’t get a heritage pastured turkey for the holidays, did you know that your bird was too fat to breed? Modern turkeys have been bred for such distorted and enormous breasts that they literally cannot have sex and must be artificially inseminated.
  • The Precision Nutrition blog would like to remind us all that food is information, not fuel, an excellent reminder to dispel any residual holiday guilt. For anyone who’s ever said “food isn’t just fuel” but struggled to articulate exactly what food is, this article might just have your answer.

What do you think of the new statin guidelines? Would you ever take a statin prescription? Let us know on Facebook or Google+.

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