What’s Happening: Thanksgiving Recipes

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Roasted turkey? Sounds pretty Paleo. Sweet potatoes? Paleo. Green beans? Dig right in! Pumpkin pie? Well…maybe! No matter what your idea of “Thanksgiving food” is, chances are there’s a way to enjoy it without compromising your health.

First, check out our own Paleo Thanksgiving menu. This week also, we’ve rounded up the best new Paleo Thanksgiving posts from this year to help you make the holiday dinner a success. Check it out:

Thanksgiving is a holiday where it’s easy to get stuck in a subtraction mindset, but all these recipe collections are a wonderful way to keep yourself adding instead. Bonus: even if you’re not cooking yourself, take a refresher course in Paleo travel skills with some tips for staying Paleo on the road.

If all the holiday talk is starting to stress you out just from the anticipation, take a deep breath and dig into the rest of this week’s news:

  • Men often get left out of the skincare conversation, which is silly, since 25% of adult men still struggle with acne! This SCD Lifestyle podcast goes over some skincare tips specifically for the guys.
  • In a move so profoundly misguided it’s almost unbelievable, one daycare in Canada actually “improved” two students’ lunches with Ritz crackers, and then fined the parents because they hadn’t packed a grain. Apparently, a lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, an orange, and milk is nutritionally inadequate, but Ritz crackers make it complete by the magic power of grains.
  • On a more positive note, Steve at Nerd Fitness has a detailed rundown on how (and why!) to get enough sleep. Definitely something we could all stand to re-read as the holiday season draws near.
  • Remember the American Gut Project? In his latest podcast, Chris Kresser sits down for a chat with the founder: topics include what we know (and what we don’t know) about gut flora, what vegetables you should eat to keep yours happy, and how you can get involved to get a personalized analysis of your own intestinal friends.
  • Speaking of the broken food system, did you know that 7 out of 12 (that’s 58%) of the members of the editorial board of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have major corporate affiliations? These are the people who decide what studies get published: talk about a conflict of interest!

What’s the most ridiculous “improvement” to your diet that anyone ever tried to foist on you? Let us know on Facebook or Google+!

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