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Did you ever wish there was a place where you could go to get the latest scoop on study findings without a heavy layer of spin and media hype? Well, now there is! A group of young scientists from all branches of research recently started posting 5-second summaries of interesting studies (with links to the full study if you’re interested) on a new website, Useful Science. Some samples hot off the presses from their “Nutrition” section:

This promises to be a great place to stay on top of the latest research without wading through the jungle of misleading headlines. The site also features several other sections on different interesting topics: go take a look!

Once you’re done browsing through the latest in science, check out what else has been going on this week:

  • If you enjoy maple syrup, you should know that the names are about to change: Grade B (that’s the good stuff) is getting a makeover because too many people thought it was lower in quality. Instead of looking for Grade B, now you’ll want to look for Grade A Dark.
  • Here’s a clever reminder from a high-school chemistry teacher that phobia of “chemicals” in food is pretty silly: everything in the world is made up of chemicals, even whole foods like bananas! The point is not that processed food is good for you; it’s that we should judge foods based on their documented health effects, not the number of syllables in their ingredient lists.
  • This experiment has been making headlines this week: two twins decided to see what would happen when one went on a very low-carb diet and the other went on a very low-fat diet. Unsurprisingly, both were pretty miserable! The moral of the story: it’s not fat or carbohydrates from whole foods that cause weight gain; it’s processed foods that rely on both to create an addictive product we can’t stop eating!

In honor of the twins’ experiment: what’s your favorite healthy meal that combines carbs and fat? Let us know on Facebook or Google+!

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