What’s Happening: Vegetarian Diets

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Paleo and vegetarianism aren’t necessarily opposite extremes: we can all agree on lots of vegetables, and we can even bond over coconut oil and avocados! But while meat shouldn’t be the end-all be-all of a Paleo diet, it’s not something that you can skip altogether. This week, get two different perspectives on why vegetarianism is not ideal:

Don’t rush out to proselytize to all your vegan friends (chances are they won’t take it very well!), but if you ever needed a convenient counterargument to the “plant-based nutrition is superior!” crowd, now you have two!

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Also in the news this week:

  • Another study proves (yet again) how bad self-reported calorie intake is: most of us, especially the overweight, underreport at least 250 calories a day, with fully 13% of the normal-weight population and 37% of the overweight population off by over 500 calories!
  • Endomorphs are people who struggle to lose weight no matter how well they eat: get some sympathy and tips for making it work here.imitating cavemen
  • Next time you need to justify a Tetris addiction, you can cite the scientific research proving that Tetris helps reduce cravings – probably a finding that would apply to anything that took your mind off food for a while, but a fun study nonetheless.

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