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Challenges Of A Paleo Diet


This is the first post of a brand new section of the website called Paleo Community. In this section, I’ll feature stories, comments, pictures and videos that should be very informative, insightful, surprising, entertaining or helpful to others. I’ll frequently be asking questions related to Paleo experience to people who are subscribed to Paleo Diet Lifestyle on Facebook or Google+ and will be posting some selected answers in posts that will be found in this section. This will be everybody’s chance to participate, be seen and help other all at the same time.

Here I asked people what were their biggest challenge(s) about being on a Paleo diet and lifestyle as well as some of the solutions they came up with to overcome those challenges. All the answers were great and here are some of the answers that really stood out and that should be helpful for people currently going through the same challenges. Also read up on why people fail on a Paleo diet for even more insight on the different challenged often faced with Paleo.


The daily temptations… The donuts in the staff lounge, the creamer for the coffee, the offer of lasagna at lunch time, the smell of bread at the store, the cheap easy dinner in a box, the friends offering cookies and cupcakes, the multitude of restaurants with food that is not paleo, and the biggest challenge…raising kids paleo! Over time it has gotten easier (six months so far) and the kids are young (11 and 6). Dinner is more challenging but I am becoming a better cook. Making school lunches paleo is a breeze now! Yes, I chop and cook a lot but the knowledge that my kids will grow up healthier than I did is the BEST reward!


Addiction. I can eat plenty of richly nourishing, tasty, paleo meals that leave me completely satisfied. but when that slice of pizza or that coke starts calling to me, I can only put off the cravings for so long. Sometimes I can go a couple of days, on rare occassions longer, but it always wins in the end. And it seems the longer/harder I try to fight it, the longer/harder it kicks my ass when it does win.


I’m gluten-free by allergy, so going paleo was easier BUT I’m a dairy lover. So I have yet to find an acceptable coffee creamer and still eat frozen yogurt every now and then. And since most gluten-free substitutes are nasty, that was a non-issue. I would love more information on baking with alternate flours, I’m afraid to experiment because I don’t want to throw away $20 flour. But I would run 15 miles for a decent paleo muffin.


Knowing whether or not my paleo eating habit is balanced enough. Do I get all the nutrition I need? I’m still not sure.. And (of course!) the cost, eating Paleo on a Student budget.. Auwtsch! But for a positive point, I like grocery shopping better now. All the choices you DON’T have to make! Freedom!


What I find most difficult is eating outside. I eat lunch with colleagues once a week and sometimes they choose restaurants where almost nothing is paleo… Last time they went to eat at a Thai restaurant I didn’t go with them because I knew that there is sugar in everything and I did not want to feel bad the rest of the day. Not having like minded people in my area is also difficult. I am glad that there is facebook to talk!


I’ve been on the Paleo lifestyle for last 75 days. Through diet and strict paleo diet, I’ve lost 25 pounds! Now I’m focusing on maintenance. I tend to eat several Cocunut pie Lara Bars every week. I eat them as a meal replacement sometimes when I don’t feel like cooking, want a sweet treat, or am caught in a bind when there’s no other option. When I started Paleo, I also quit caffeine. I feel pretty darn great and am AMAZED at my willpower. Eating out can be tricky, but I call the restaurant and plan ahead when I can. It’s surprising what restaurants will do when you ask. Best of luck to everyone!


The biggest challenge has been having people who are uninformed about nutrition telling that I need a different diet or that I am harming myself. But the research, my experience and my friends experience shows otherwise. The increase in quality of life has been amazing and also my food bill has gone down quite a bit by cutting out all the unneccessary carbs.