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Paleo Leap Tribe is Here! All the Tools You Need for Paleo Success

Paleo Leap Tribe

In 6 weeks, the New Year will be giving everyone a reason to start over, but imagine how great it would feel to face down January 1st already set up with all the ingredients and recipes you need, and 6 weeks of solid habit-making under your belt.

In 6 weeks, you could…

…or work on all kinds of other goals!

Our new and improved members’ area is here to help you kick-start all those changes and give you the motivation and support you need to stay strong against the holiday deluge of sugar cookies and fruitcake. Included in the package are tools that help you break down all the obstacles that make Paleo hard:

Even if you take a day or two off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, that’s still 5+ solid weeks of making habits, learning cooking skills, and enjoying all the great health benefits of Paleo.

Current members get the update automatically – all you have to do is log in here. For new members, you can try out one month for free here:

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