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Paleo Journey: Sébastien Noël


Sébastien NoëlMy name is Sébastien Noël and I’m the creator of When the community section of the website got started not long ago, I never really thought that I would share my own story. I probably just assumed that if you’ve been on the website long enough, you may have already come across the “About” section and read the small blurb about me there. It’s also my personal style to stay somewhat behind the scenes and focus on sharing the best information. Here though, I decided that sharing a part of my own story would be a great way to encourage readers like you to share your story with the community as well. So without further ado, here’s my own paleo journey and how this diet has changed my life in many aspects.

Up until the last few years, I couldn’t tell the last time I felt really healthy. Early on in my childhood I experienced many subtle health problems that would eventually turn into something much greater as they went un-treated. My first recollection of things not being right would have been when I began to suffer from severe migraines in my childhood. It’s important to note here that at this time in my life I was eating what I guess we could label as the “Standard American Diet.” Lots of wheat, soy, dairy, sugar, just about everything that I’ve now learned to avoid. I suffered from these debilitating migraines for years. They were oftentimes so bad that they made me feel nauseous. Perhaps the most astonishing thing in all of this is that in the years I suffered, I constantly sought out medical help. I would see my family doctor, migraine specialists, nutritionists and so on, and no one could help me. In their eyes I was an anxious individual who needed to spend less time worrying about how I felt and more time just being me. But how could someone settle for living life while being in pain all the time?

As the years went by, I started devoting quite a bit of time researching ways to make myself feel better. I always had a hunch that the root of most health problems is probably quite simple and must come down to diet and lifestyle. As much as this was a great revelation for me, it would take me years of self experimentation and nutritional research before I would find a good approach to nutrition. Looking back on things now, I’m easily able to identify what I was suffering from, but at the time, I obviously had no idea. I had a leaky gut, severe allergy-like reactions from histamine intolerance, malabsorption and IBS symptoms from SIBO (Short Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). All the while, I was still suffering from debilitating migraines. I was exhausted, lost a great deal of weight and had no energy to do anything. My social life wasn’t very exiting either because of all of this.

The more I researched, the more alternative dietary options I encountered. Unfortunately, Paleo was not something I would learn about until much later, so I went down paths that I now know contributed to make my situation even worse. I tried a lot, but perhaps my rock bottom was when I decided to try an all raw vegan diet. This was a very bad decision  After almost a year of being on this diet I became unrecognizable. My cheeks caved in, my hair stopped growing, my waist was the size of a young teenager’s. It would pain my friends and family to even look at me. Change became necessary for me to survive. Towards the end of my time on this diet, my teeth were getting loose and walking up stairs became an almost unbearable task.

When I realized that a raw vegan diet was not the answer at all and after a short venture back to the SAD (standard American diet), which made the migraines come back, I began to cure my body by devoting myself to a Paleo diet. In many ways it was polar opposite from the raw veganism I had previously been on, but now the whole diet puzzle made complete sense to me. I was finally able to identify with something. I was able to diagnose many of the problems I had been living with for years. Plain and simple, I began to learn what it was like to feel truly good. It did not take me long to realize what my calling would be. I needed to share this information and help build Paleo awareness. I know that hundreds and thousands of people feel the way I once felt, because there is a lack of knowledge and information circulating about Paleo diets. So this is where it all began for me. I dropped everything in my life at that time and worked endless hours and days to figure out how I was going to make a difference. is that difference.