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What’s Happening: Entomophagy

Paleo Infographic

What if you could feast on a Paleo-approved, environmentally friendly, ethically raised, and extremely nutritious animal protein you’d never tried before? Great, right?

What if that animal protein came from something you never thought of as food? Something you’ve been taught to think of as “gross” and “icky”?

What if it was a cricket?

Ever since the UN’s report on world hunger praised insects as a sustainable and practical solution to feeding Earth’s growing population, emtomophagy (the practice of eating insects) has been in the news. Edible insects got a mention in one previous What’s Happening post, but this week, crickets are taking the Paleo world by storm, with new posts at both Mark’s Daily Apple and the Whole30 blog about the nutritional and environmental advantages of these tasty little critters. The protein of the future is here, and it says chirp!

In less insectivorous news this week:

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