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What’s Happening: Good and Evil

Eating disorder

How many times have you seen foods divided into “good” and “bad,” with nothing in between? Nobody agrees on which foods go in which category (ask a vegan and a Paleo dieter to classify a slice of bread and a fried egg, and you’ll get opposite responses), but everyone seems very invested in the idea that some foods are “good” and other foods are “bad.”

But that’s silly. Different foods can be right or wrong for different people; there’s no one “good” or “bad.” This week, take a look at some intEresting perspectives on the way that the “good and evil” categories aren’t doing us any favor. Food isn’t a religion!

Individual variation also means that all of the other recent news won’t be relevant to your interests, but at least some of it should be interesting!

What’s your favorite example of a food that could be right for some people but isn’t right for you (or right for you, but not for someone else)? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!