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What’s Happening: Multivitamins


The debate over multivitamins has been going on as long as we’ve had multivitamins to debate over: are they a good “insurance policy,” are they useless, or are they even worse than useless? This week, three new studies in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found no benefit from multivitamin supplements, and a new editorial seized the occasion to make the case against them.

Critics point out that the populations covered in the studies were not completely representative (for example, one of the three studies looked at doctors, not a random sample of people), and also stress that taking a generic multivitamin is not the same as taking targeted supplements that you’ve picked out individually for specific reasons. But the take-home message probably still stands: getting your nutrition from food beats getting it out of a bottle.

The the Paleo world has been pretty quiet lately as everyone puts their feet up for the holiday and enjoys some well-earned indulgences, but take a look at the rest of this week’s news:

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