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What’s Happening: Sugar Science


Does sugar cause weight gain?

Yes, if you ask independent scientists. But no, if you ask the sugar industry.

A new study recently took a look at articles evaluating the link between sugar-sweetened beverages (like Coke and Pepsi) and weight gain. Where the researchers had some financial conflict of interest with “some food industry” (not even the sugar industry specifically), 83% found that sugary soft drinks do not contribute to weight gain. With no conflict of interest, 83% found that they do. Industry-supported studies were five times more likely to be pro-sugar!

The takeaway for the non-scientists trying to read studies critically is to always read the “conflict of interest” section before you trust a study. You can find this in the footnotes (at the bottom, right below the references list). Here’s a link to the footnotes in one of the biased studies, so you can take a look for yourself.

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