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What’s Happening: TMAO

Fatty steak

TMAO, short for Trimethylamine N-Oxide, is the big news in the Paleo world this week, after a study in the journal Nature Medicine claimed red meat eaters have a higher risk of heart disease due to increased levels of TMAO in the blood. This comes hot on the heels of the new book Paleofantasy, which claims to “debunk” the myth of an evolutionary diet – it seems like the faster the Paleo movement grows, the harder the mainstream media tries to fight back.

Paleo under fire is nothing new, and the Paleo world has been responding with its own heavy artillery to every new “debunking” article.

Responses to the TMAO study:

Lamb Cutlets

The most exciting part of the entire affair might be the downplayed admission in the fourth paragraph of the New York Times article: “In fact, these scientists suspected that saturated fat and cholesterol made only a minor contribution to the increased amount of heart disease seen in red-meat eaters.” Of all the things you never thought you’d read in a mainstream critique of red meat, this has to be #1.

If you’re ready to celebrate the exoneration of cholesterol with some red meat of your very own, try a batch of our new bison bulalo recipe. And pork might be “the other white meat,” but it’s definitely tasty, especially when it’s as convenient as this canned pork.

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