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Red meat

Roasted Lamb ShanksRoasted Lamb Shanks – This simple lamb roast comes out of the oven tender and ready to satisfy a serious appetite.
Simple Roast BeefSimple Roast Beef – It's a classic for a reason – here's how to cook a simple but delicious beef roast. Steak Zucchini BoatsSteak Zucchini Boats – Zucchini "boats" are a new way to cook up summer's most notoriously abundant (and cheap!) vegetable. Mediterranean Beef SkewersMediterranean Beef Skewers – Tender grilled beef sirloin in a refreshing lemon-herb marinade: it's a little taste of the Mediterranean in your own kitchen. Spiced Grilled T-BonesSpiced Grilled T-Bones – Grilled T-bone steaks are a summer classic; here's one with just enough spice to make it delicious without hiding the steak underneath.
Braised Beef Short RibsBraised Beef Short Ribs – The perfect answer to freezing air-conditioned offices, unexpectedly chilly summer days, or just a craving for something warm and comforting. Steak Meatballs With Mashed PotatoesSteak Meatballs With Mashed Potatoes – White potatoes are fine to eat, and delicious with these simple meatballs and a flavorful gravy. Veal Rolls With ZucchiniVeal Rolls With Zucchini – A simple and savory way to cook veal on the barbecue. Skirt Steaks With Fresh Mango SalsaSkirt Steaks With Fresh Mango Salsa – Steaks grilled with a spicy coffee rub and topped with a sweet fresh salsa.
Hamburger SaladHamburger Salad – Skip the bun but keep the flavor with this deconstructed take on burgers – perfect for kids or feeding a crowd. Grilled T-Bones With Asparagus And Mushroom Stir-FryGrilled T-Bones With Asparagus And Mushroom Stir-Fry – A quick dinner on the grill featuring juicy T-bone steaks and a simple vegetable side dish. Beef Cubes With Roasted Carrots And MushroomsBeef Cubes With Roasted Carrots And Mushrooms – A no-fuss recipe demonstrating exactly why "simple" and "boring" are two very different words. Flank Steak With Blueberry SauceFlank Steak With Blueberry Sauce – Give your steak some extra flavor with a savory pan sauce featuring fresh blueberries.
Flank Steak with Fresh GreensFlank Steak with Fresh Greens – An easy dressing with lime juice and spices perks up the classic pairing of steak and salad greens. Maple Balsamic Braised Chuck RoastMaple Balsamic Braised Chuck Roast – A classic oven recipe for tender beef chuck with caramelized roasted vegetables. Beef Short Rib SoupBeef Short Rib Soup – A rich and comforting soup flavored with fresh herbs and aromatic vegetables. Vietnamese Beef StewVietnamese Beef Stew – Try an international take on beef stew with this Vietnamese-inspired recipe featuring a tender meat and squash in a spicy seasoning blend.
Baked Cabbage CasseroleBaked Cabbage Casserole – A quick meal that's as easy on your schedule as it is on your food budget. Beef Tenderloin And ShrimpBeef Tenderloin And Shrimp – Dress up any occasion with this classic combination of steak and shrimp. Red Wine Braised Short RibsRed Wine Braised Short Ribs – This no-fuss slow-cooker recipe is everything you want to come home to after a long day. Spicy Beef And Bok ChoySpicy Beef And Bok Choy – This easy one-pan meal is a fun and nutritious way to break the beef-and-broccoli mold without sacrificing convenience.
Bison and Meatball StewBison and Meatball Stew – This rich stew is perfect for curling up with on a chilly evening, and it’s an easy introduction to cooking with bison if you’ve never tried it. Slow-Cooked Beef BrisketSlow-Cooked Beef Brisket – This tender slow-cooker brisket makes a delicious meal out of one of the most affordable cuts of beef around. Thai Beef ChiliThai Beef Chili – Warm up the winter with this unexpected twist on chili seasonings. Swedish Style MeatballsSwedish Style Meatballs – Bite-size Swedish meatballs with a creamy sauce are perfect by themselves or over a big pile of roasted spaghetti squash.
Ground Beef And Cabbage SkilletGround Beef And Cabbage Skillet – No time to make cabbage rolls? Try this ultra-quick skillet recipe instead. Steak With Caramelized OnionsSteak With Caramelized Onions – Add a pile of sweet caramelized onions to top off a pair of steaks cooked just the way you like them. Beef Sirloin With Fresh Herb MarinadeBeef Sirloin With Fresh Herb Marinade – For those nights when you just want a nice, juicy steak, here’s a quick marinade to add even more flavor. Butternut Squash LasagnaButternut Squash Lasagna – Hold the noodles, but keep the delicious comfort food with this hearty Paleo version of lasagna.
Slow Cooker Beef And Pepper SoupSlow Cooker Beef And Pepper Soup – Warm up your day with a bowl of hearty soup that only takes a few minutes of prep time. Butternut Squash and Beef StewButternut Squash and Beef Stew – Hearty and easy to prepare, throw the ingredients in the slow cooker, go about your day and come back to a nutritious meal. Stuffed Flank SteakStuffed Flank Steak – An impressive way to serve steak and vegetables all in one delicious package. Ginger, Beef, and Mushroom Stir-fryGinger, Beef, and Mushroom Stir-fry – A zingy, flavor-packed stir-fry featuring ginger, mushrooms, and cooking greens.
Balsamic Steak SkewersBalsamic Steak Skewers – Grill up a feast for the whole cave with these easy but delicious barbecue-balsamic skewers. Beef And Onion SkewersBeef And Onion Skewers – An uncomplicated recipe for delicious grilled meat, easy to serve with whatever sides you like. Steak Skillet With Bell PeppersSteak Skillet With Bell Peppers – A recipe for busy people who still want delicious food: oven-roasted short ribs in a Korean marinade. Korean Beef Short RibsKorean Beef Short Ribs – 1 pan, 20 minutes, 4 satisfied appetites. It’s faster than takeout pizza and much more delicious.
Brisket ChiliBrisket Chili – A creative and delicious way to use some leftover brisket (or any other meat you have lying around). Meatball Bites With Spaghetti SquashMeatball Bites With Spaghetti Squash – Banish meatball boredom with this fun and easy way to spruce up a classic recipe. Texas-style Beef BrisketTexas-style Beef Brisket – Rubbed in a savory spice blend and roasted until it’s tender, this brisket is simple and hearty Paleo dinner with a wonderful taste. Chili BurgersChili Burgers – Combine the rich taste of chili with the convenience of grilling up a burger for dinner in these extra-juicy patties.
Mexican Steak with Mushrooms and PeppersMexican Steak with Mushrooms and Peppers – Meet your new go-to grilled steak recipe, featuring a built-in vegetable side, and a classic flavor without a lot of prep time. Steak and Cucumber SaladSteak and Cucumber Salad – Enjoy a stylish summer salad of juicy cucumbers and perfectly grilled steak, topped off with a flavor-packed sauce. Ground Beef TacosGround Beef Tacos – Bring on the tacos! With a grain-free shell and a filling limited only by your imagination, this recipe is sure to be a family hit. Aussie BurgerAussie Burger – Grill up a feast from the outback with this unique and delicious twist on a Paleo burger recipe.
BBQ MeatballsBBQ Meatballs – Get a bite-sized preview of barbecue season with these easy and delicious meatballs. Slow Cooker Sloppy JoesSlow Cooker Sloppy Joes – Satisfy your cravings with a Paleo version of the classic ground-beef sandwich. Balsamic Steak RollsBalsamic Steak Rolls – Try a different twist on rolled sandwiches with a balsamic sauce drizzled over steak and vegetables. Pepper SteakPepper Steak – Get your pepper on with this mouth-tingling stir-fry featuring hot pepper and bell peppers in one simple but mouthwatering dish.
Beef Strips with Mushroom SauceBeef Strips with Mushroom Sauce – A savory, Russian-inspired recipe for beef with a creamy sauce: hold the noodles, but keep the good stuff. Slow Cooked Beef and BroccoliSlow Cooked Beef and Broccoli – Looking for a classic dinner without a lot of prep time? Check out this easy favorite adapted for the slow cooker. Balsamic Roast BeefBalsamic Roast Beef – A one-pot slow-cooker meal featuring root vegetables and fall-apart tender chuck roast, all flavored with balsamic vinegar. Surf And Turf DinnerSurf And Turf Dinner – Need a fancy dinner for a special event? Bring out the black-tie Paleo food with a luxurious combination of steak and lobster.
Gingered Beef SaladGingered Beef Salad – Enjoy a satisfying combination of beef and broccoli, perked up with a gingery dressing, and tossed into pile of fresh salad greens. Sirloin Tip RoastSirloin Tip Roast – Encrusted with a simple herb rub, seared in a hot skillet, and roasted until it’s as done as you like it, sirloin tip is delicious and simple to cook. Bison StewBison Stew – A no-fuss recipe for cold nights: pick whatever cut of beef or bison you have, and stew it up in a rich broth of tomatoes, spices, and bone stock. Carne Asada SirloinCarne Asada Sirloin – Enjoy a bold and spicy steak recipe from south of the border, perfect for dressing up salads or Paleo tacos.
Beef Brisket With Fall VegetablesBeef Brisket With Fall Vegetables – A slow-cooker recipe that delivers a hearty dinner in a hurry, this time with a distinctive blend of warm and savory spices. Meatballs With Spicy Tomato SauceMeatballs With Spicy Tomato Sauce – Love meatballs, but getting a little tired of oregano? Expand your palate with a new and different take on seasonings. Cuban Shredded BeefCuban Shredded Beef – Quick enough for a weeknight, but delicious enough for a feast. Meat RagoutMeat Ragout – A rich, velvety sauce ladled over tender pork legs and meatballs is the best way to warm up your stomach on a chilly winter evening.
Asian-Style Beef RibsAsian-Style Beef Ribs – A sweet and spicy dinner that takes full advantage of the slow cooker to minimize your prep and cooking time. Prosciutto-Wrapped Beef CubesProsciutto-Wrapped Beef Cubes – Wrapped up tender cubes of beef in a crispy prosciutto skin. Beef Chuck With Braised VegetablesBeef Chuck With Braised Vegetables – Real comfort food. Ideal for fall weather. Veal Chops With RosemaryVeal Chops With Rosemary – Very simple to prepare, yet elevated. These veal chops are perfect when pressed for time, but still wanting to eat something different.
Beef and Broccoli Stir-FryBeef and Broccoli Stir-Fry – Served over a bed of Brussels sprouts, this stir-fry is both very nutritious and delicious. Barbecued Sirloin in DijonBarbecued Sirloin in Dijon – Juicy and delicious beef sirloin cooked to perfection on the grill. BulgogiBulgogi – A Korean specialty of grilled beef and vegetables. Grilled Steak With Summer VegetablesGrilled Steak With Summer Vegetables – This recipe comes in very handy when BBQ season approaches.
Eggplant CannelloniEggplant Cannelloni – A paleo version of cannelloni prepared with ground beef or veal. Lemon And Thyme Lamb CutletsLemon And Thyme Lamb Cutlets – Sophisticated, yet very simple to prepare. Veal PaupiettesVeal Paupiettes – A delicious French specialty of ground veal wrapped into veal cutlets. Bison BulaloBison bulalo – A Filipino soup prepared with delicious Bison shanks.
Sirloin Steak With Avocado SaladSirloin steak with avocado salad – A simple, refreshing and summery beef dish. Bacon-Wrapped Mini MeatloavesBacon-wrapped mini meatloaves – Be prepared to impress everyone with these mini bacon and beef creations. Lamb and Sweet Potato Cottage PieLamb and sweet potato cottage pie – When it comes to comfort food, this dish really shines. Veal Stuffed Bell PeppersVeal stuffed bell peppers – Bell peppers stuffed with a delicious mixture of ground veal, vegetables and herbs.
Taco pieTaco pie – A delicious and very comforting Paleo dish. Eggs Benedict BurgersEggs Benedict burgers – A great Paleo burger to enjoy with family and friends. Beef StroganoffBeef Stroganoff – A healthy variation on this delicious Russian dish. Roast Beef With Thyme, Garlic And Red WineRoast beef with thyme, garlic and red wine – A very simple and delicious Paleo roast beef recipe.
Hearty beef stewHearty beef stew – A delicious and comforting Paleo beef stew that’s incredibly easy to put together. Steak with mushrooms and red wine reductionSteaks with mushrooms and red wine reduction – A simple and classic Paleo steak recipe. Beanless chiliBeanless chili – A thick and hearty chili-type stew. Some real Paleo comfort food. Paleo meat loafPaleo meat loaf – A simple meat loaf recipe with mushrooms and homemade ketchup.
Stuffed steakHerb and Prosciutto Stuffed Steak – A delicious and juicy steak recipe using a simple marinade as well as a herb and Prosciutto stuffing. Portobello burgersPortobello burgers – A simple hamburger using portobello mushroom caps as a healthy bun. Perfect when prepared on the grill. Roast beefBacon wrapped roast beef with sweet potato mash – A simple and savory roast beef with a contrasting side of sweet potatoes. Beef bourguignonBeef bourguignon – This classic French dish is really at the essence of what comfort food is. Enjoy around good company!
OxtailBraised Oxtail – How often is it that we cook with the tail of the beef? This braised dish is absolutely amazing and comforting. Bone marrowRoasted Bone Marrow – A quick and simple way to prepare that creamy and nutritious source of food found in bones. Chicken liver pâté2 Simple and Delicious Liver Pâté Recipes – Liver pâté, unlike most people think, is really easy to make and will please even the most difficult. People who can’t tolerate the taste of liver will fall in love with these recipes. Spaghetti saucePaleo spaghetti – The deliciousness of a thick and meaty bolognese sauce served on a bowl of spaghetti squash. An instant classic.
Beef GoulashHungarian Beef Goulash – A stew that using paprika heavily to bring out the flavors in the beef. Taco FriesTaco Fries – Juicy ground beef served over a bed of sweet potato fries and sprinkled with your favorite fixings: it’s a healthy, no-mess option for a Paleo taco dinner. Beef SatayBeef Satay – Bring the best of southeast Asian street food to your kitchen with bite-sized slices of beef hot off the skewer and drizzled with a spicy almond sauce. Lamb StewLamb Stew – A full-bodied blend of Moroccan spices and an unusual mixture of dried fruits give this lamb stew a distinctive flavor.
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Sweet Mustard Chicken WingsSweet Mustard Chicken Wings – Baked wings with plenty of sharp Dijon mustard and just enough honey to balance it out. Simple Slow Cooker ChickenSimple Slow Cooker Chicken – A simple and easy recipe for making tender chicken breasts in the slow cooker, perfect for bulk prep or easy weeknight dinners. Mediterranean Grilled ChickenMediterranean Grilled Chicken – Heat up your grill with chicken breasts covered in a warm spice rub and contrasted with a cool, herbal sauce.
Chicken SouvlakiChicken Souvlaki – Quick but tasty chicken skewers on the grill: if you've been hankering for Greek food, here's your solution. Slow Cooker Buffalo ChickenSlow Cooker Buffalo Chicken – A kid-friendly recipe for tender shredded chicken with your choice of sauces for flavor. Grilled Chicken Breasts With ZucchiniGrilled Chicken Breasts With Zucchini – The grill version of a one-pan dinner: tender chicken breast with some ultra-quick zucchini slices for a side. Grilled Chipotle ChickenGrilled Chipotle Chicken – Spice up your chicken thighs with this quick seasoning blend and then toss them on the grill.
Chicken And Grape SaladChicken And Grape Salad – A sweet, crunchy, and refreshing chicken salad that's perfect for everything from quick lunches to barbecue potlucks. Grilled Spatchcock ChickenGrilled Spatchcock Chicken – Try this simple recipe for a whole chicken on the grill – it's a delicious and affordable family meal. Spice-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado SalsaSpice-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa – Chicken breasts hot off the pan loaded up with a big pile of crisp summery salsa. Buttermilk Chicken SkewersButtermilk Chicken Skewers – A summery barbecue chicken recipe with a cool, classic flavor – try it spicy or mild!
Chicken Enchilada CasseroleChicken Enchilada Casserole – A healthy casserole packed with flavor for those days when you don't want to deal with tortilla substitutes. Grilled Chicken PizzaGrilled Chicken Pizza – Try this simple but delicious twist on Paleo pizza for a summertime dinner hot off the grill. Sweet Thai Chili Chicken With Roasted PeppersSweet Thai Chili Chicken With Roasted Peppers – Hot chili peppers in a sweet-tangy glaze make this chicken stand out – but it's still so easy to make. Blackened Chicken With Strawberry SaladBlackened Chicken With Strawberry Salad – Spicy grilled chicken adds a tasty contrast to fresh berries and a sweet vinaigrette.
Korean-Style Chicken WingsKorean-Style Chicken Wings – Oven-baked chicken wings slathered with a spicy, Asian-inspired sauce. Chicken Korma With Cauliflower RiceChicken Korma With Cauliflower Rice – A curry-like chicken dish with cashews, carrots, fresh peas and a coconut milk-based aromatic sauce. Fried Chicken With Spicy Cumin ColeslawFried Chicken With Spicy Cumin Coleslaw – The perfect summertime combo: crispy chicken with a refreshing spicy slaw. Chicken Kebabs With Apple Cranberry SaladChicken Kebabs With Apple Cranberry Salad – Bacon-barbecue chicken meets a classic favorite salad combination for an easy and delicious Paleo meal.
Roasted Chicken Legs With Vegetable KabobsRoasted Chicken Legs With Vegetable Kabobs – Chicken legs are affordable and delicious: jazz them up a little with a different take on a roasted vegetable side. Chicken with Onion-Mustard SauceChicken with Onion-Mustard Sauce – Spice up a creamy pan sauce with mustard for a slightly different take on a favorite comfort-food dinner. Duck Breast With PeachesDuck Breast With Peaches – Tender grilled duck breast with fresh peaches and a hint of fennel and ginger seasoning: you'll be licking the BBQ! Chicken Nuggets With Avocado-Cilantro DipChicken Nuggets With Avocado-Cilantro Dip – Spicy Paleo chicken nuggets served alongside a refreshing lime, avocado and cilantro dipping sauce.
Orange and Thyme ChickenOrange and Thyme Chicken – Crisp-skinned chicken with an herbal citrus glaze, ready in a hurry for whenever you get hungry. Crispy Chicken BitesCrispy Chicken Bites – Finger food with a crispy outside and your choice of spicy or BBQ sauce options. Roasted Red Pepper And Basil ChickenRoasted Red Pepper And Basil Chicken – An easy recipe for baked chicken with a slightly different twist on the sweet potatoes. Chicken With Garlic-Roasted Sweet PotatoesChicken With Garlic-Roasted Sweet Potatoes – An easy recipe for baked chicken with a slightly different twist on the sweet potatoes.
Cajun Chicken With MushroomsCajun Chicken With Mushrooms – This simple recipe adds some heat to a quick combination of chicken breast and vegetables in homemade stock. Spicy Indian Chicken Stir-FrySpicy Indian Chicken Stir-Fry – Bring some color to your dinner table with this quick and delicious stir-fry. Chicken With Spinach And ArtichokesChicken With Spinach And Artichokes – Add a little interest to chicken thighs with an unusual vegetable combination. Chicken AdoboChicken Adobo – Try a different twist on chicken wings with this tangy, vinegar-based marinade and an easy stovetop preparation.
Orange-Mustard ChickenOrange-Mustard Chicken – A tasty mustard-orange sauce adds special flavor to these baked chicken breasts. Chicken Caesar BurgersChicken Caesar Burgers – We deconstructed the classic Caesar salad and made it into these mouth watering Paleo burgers. Indian-Style Chicken BitesIndian-Style Chicken Bites – These tasty, bite-sized chicken pieces are perfect for lunchboxes, salads, and anywhere else you'd like to toss them. Spicy Lime Baked Chicken WingsSpicy Lime Baked Chicken Wings – Try these finger-friendly wings as a dinner or party food that's sure to please everyone.
Chicken BiryaniChicken Biryani – Get your spice fix with this simple Indian dish of chicken and vegetables seasoned with cumin, turmeric, and then some. Orange-Spiced ChickenOrange-Spiced Chicken – This new twist on roast chicken thighs features crispy skin and a delicious citrus-flavored sauce. Pesto and Tomato Duck SkewersPesto and Tomato Duck Skewers – An appetizer for the foodies: duck breast and fresh homemade pesto with tomatoes and arugula. Chicken and Cranberry Stuffed Sweet PotatoesChicken and Cranberry Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – A no-fuss recipe for sweet potatoes stuffed with chicken breast, fresh spinach, and tart cranberries.
Chicken Club WrapsChicken Club Wraps – The classic club sandwich, served Paleo-style in a lettuce wrap: all the flavor, none of the stomach ache. Oven Chicken Fajita BakeOven Chicken Fajita Bake – A baked chicken dish with fresh onions and peppers, plus a Mexican-inspired spice blend. Chicken Pad Sew EwChicken Pad Sew Ew – A quick and colorful stir-fry with plenty of vegetables, including carrots swapped in for the noodles. Nicoise Chicken StewGreek-Style Chicken – A no-fuss recipe for simple baked chicken breasts with a Greek seasoning blend and plenty of fresh lemon flavor.
Nicoise Chicken StewNicoise Chicken Stew – This hearty chicken stew will warm you up from the inside out. Red Wine Roast ChickenRed Wine Roast Chicken – A whole chicken and plenty of winter vegetables slowly roasted in a luxurious red wine sauce with fresh herbs. Sweet Garlic ChickenSweet Garlic Chicken – A simple but delicious way to make spicy-sweet chicken breasts in the slow cooker. Slow Cooker Queso Chicken ChiliSlow Cooker Queso Chicken Chili – A dairy-free chicken chili that plays up the salsa and spices to make a hearty, satisfying recipe.
Szechuan Peppers and Ground TurkeySzechuan Peppers and Ground Turkey – Give your stir-fry some heat with a delicious blend of spicy, Asian-inspired seasonings. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken MeatballsSlow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs – Buffalo chicken without the mess of wings: perfect for younger kids, party trays, or just a quick snack to pull out of the fridge. Simple Summer ChickenSimple Summer Chicken – Use this fresh and simple recipe to quickly throw some chicken on the grill whenever you need dinner in a rush. Balsamic Glazed Chicken WingsBalsamic Glazed Chicken Wings – Asian-inspired chicken wings with plenty of spice and a delicious honey-balsamic glaze to top it all off.
Spinach and Mushroom ChickenSpinach and Mushroom Chicken – Grill up a batch of chicken breasts with a quick side of sauteed spinach. Chicken and Pineapple SkewersChicken and Pineapple Skewers – Chunks of chicken breast and juicy pineapple, brushed with a sweet barbecue sauce and charred over the grill. Chicken BLT SaladChicken BLT Salad – Add some crunch to your BLT: crispy bacon and breaded chicken breasts served over a lettuce wedge and drizzled with homemade dressing. Baked Asian Chicken WingsBaked Asian Chicken Wings – The most delicious way to get your fingers sticky: baked chicken wings in a flavor-packed Asian marinade.
Rosemary Ranch Chicken KabobsRosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs – Throw something extra-delicious on the grill with these easy chicken kabobs flavored with a special ranch dressing. Chicken Drumsticks with Orange GlazeChicken Drumsticks with Orange Glaze – Quick and flavor-packed chicken drumsticks with a gingery orange-cinnamon glaze. Tuscan Chicken SkilletTuscan Chicken Skillet – A one-pan dinner recipe with a simple, savory Italian seasoning. Grilled Chicken With Lime ButterGrilled Chicken With Lime Butter – A savory grilling sauce and a zesty lime butter topping give this chicken an impressive amount of flavor.
Baked Greek ChickenBaked Greek Chicken – Dig into a bowl of this herb-seasoned chicken baked with olives, ripe tomatoes, and a creamy eggplant spread. Sweet and Sour ChickenSweet and Sour Chicken – A Paleo re-creation of the classic takeout favorite, but easier on your conscience and your waistline. BBQ Chicken and Bacon BitesBBQ Chicken and Bacon Bites – Bite-sized skewers of chicken and bacon brushed with barbecue sauce will be a hit whether you’re serving them as an appetizer or a main course. Chicken With Buffalo Ranch ColeslawChicken With Buffalo Ranch Coleslaw – Turn up the flavor on a perfect recipe for hot afternoons: pan-fried chicken topped with a scoop of creamy, tangy coleslaw.
Kansas City BBQ WingsKansas City BBQ Wings – Bring on the sticky fingers! A classic barbecue wing recipe goes Paleo. BBQ Chicken SaladBBQ Chicken Salad – Get your barbecue on indoors with this simple but flavor-packed salad. Skillet Rosemary ChickenSkillet Rosemary Chicken – A one-pan roast chicken recipe to reach for when you want something reliably delicious without a lot of fuss. Coconut-Buttermilk Southwestern Grilled ChickenCoconut-Buttermilk Southwestern Grilled Chicken – Savory spices and a creamy buttermilk marinade make this dairy-free grilled chicken a surefire hit with everyone at the table.
Chicken Mango SaladChicken Mango Salad – Explore a variation on the chicken salad theme with this fresh new twist featuring mango, lime, and just a hint of spice. Honey-Mustard DrumsticksHoney-Mustard Drumsticks – Sweeten up the dinnertime routine with these finger-food favorites made Paleo. Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken CasseroleSweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole – A favorite family dinner, made Paleo-friendly without sacrificing convenience or comfort-food value. Chicken with Lime and Avocado SaladChicken with Lime and Avocado Salad – Bold, spicy chicken tossed with the contrasting flavor of fresh lettuce and avocado chunks.
Spice Rubbed ChickenSpice Rubbed Chicken – If you need big flavor in a hurry, check out this delicious and versatile chicken. Lemon And Thyme ChickenLemon And Thyme Chicken – More like a method than a recipe, this simple technique will reward you with many easy lunches and dinners down the line. Slow Cooked Bacon-Wrapped ChickenSlow Cooked Bacon-Wrapped Chicken – Longing for a barbecue even in the dead of winter? Or maybe you just love the convenience of the slow-cooker: either way, this recipe is sure to please. Spicy Sriracha Chicken WingsSpicy Sriracha Chicken Wings – The red-hot power of sriracha sauce makes these wings an instant game-day classic, or a perfect treat for spice-lovers any time.
Butterflied Roasted ChickenButterflied Roasted Chicken – Banish dry and overcooked chicken breasts forever with this simple technique for roasting a delicious, tender bird every time. Turkey ChiliTurkey Chili – A quick and easy Paleo chili, great for eating now or freezing for later. Mustard Balsamic Baked ChickenMustard Balsamic Baked Chicken – Sometimes, a basic recipe is exactly what you need: here’s a quick and tasty way of handling any cut of chicken you have on hand. Butter ChickenDelicious Butter Chicken Recipe – This Indian creation is god sent and tastes so great it’s almost a crime.
Herb-Crusted Turkey With Apple-Cranberry And Veal StuffingHerb-Crusted Turkey With Apple-Cranberry And Veal Stuffing – A savory-sweet recipe for brining and roasting a whole turkey, complete with Paleo-friendly stuffing and gravy. Crispy Chicken With Roasted RomaineCrispy Chicken With Roasted Romaine – Don’t just serve a baked chicken breast on top of your salad; cook the salad too with this creative new recipe. Creamy Chicken And Delicata SquashCreamy Chicken And Delicata Squash – With Paleo comfort food like this, you’ll be able to face down the strongest pasta cravings with ease. BBQ Chicken WingsBBQ Chicken Wings – Kick off the fall sports season in style with these spicy, savory wings.
Baked Chicken NuggetsBaked Chicken Nuggets – Chicken nuggets, minus the mystery meat, the rancid seed oils, and the flou. Grilled Chicken and Pineapple with Onion RelishGrilled Chicken and Pineapple with Onion Relish – Classic BBQ flavor, spiced up with some grilled jalapenos and topped off with delicious caramelized onions. Moroccan-Style Roast ChickenMoroccan-Style Roast Chicken – A great variation for when the good-old roast chicken doesn’t cut it. Thai LarbThai Larb – A delicious traditional chicken salad recipe from Thailand.
Sun-dried Tomato ChickenSun-dried Tomato Chicken – A perfect match of chicken drumsticks and sun-dried tomatoes. Zaatar Grilled ChickenZaatar Grilled Chicken – A traditional Middle Eastern chicken dish with delicious herb and lemon flavors. Balsamic Chicken and Pears with SpinachBalsamic Chicken and Pears with Spinach – A prefect match of pears cooked in balsamic vinegar with chicken and spinach. Chicken And Artichoke PanzanellaChicken And Artichoke Panzanella – A delicious combination of tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives and chicken.
Chicken With Mushroom Cream SauceChicken With Mushroom Cream Sauce – This one goes to show that rich and creamy sauces don’t need to contain dairy. Chicken CacciatoreChicken Cacciatore – A great chicken dish to prepare with the kids. Lemon Chicken Kebabs With Grilled ZucchinisLemon Chicken Kebabs With Grilled Zucchinis – The simplest kebabs you’ll ever prepare. Jerk ChickenJerk Chicken – A very spicy Jamaican chicken dish.
Orange ChickenOrange Chicken – Crispy, spicy and sweet, this Asian-inspired chicken dish has it all. Bacon-Wrapped Salsa Stuffed ChickenBacon-Wrapped Salsa Stuffed Chicken – What could ever be more mouth watering than the flavors of chicken, bacon and homemade salsa combined together. Chicken Asparagus CarbonaraChicken Asparagus Carbonara – Prepared with spaghetti squash, this Italian classic is very healthy and still delicious. Chicken BruschettaChicken Bruschetta – Forget the bread in this Paleo version of the tomato salad.
Chicken Curry Rolls With Mango ChutneyChicken Curry Rolls With Mango Chutney – A quick and simple Indian influenced dish. Spiced Duck BreastSpiced Duck Breast – A rich and spicy duck dish. Chicken Pineapple Stir-FryChicken pineapple stir-Fry – A delicious, sweet and spicy stir-fry. Braised Chicken With Fennel And Sweet PotatoesBraised chicken with fennel and sweet potatoes – A delicious braised chicken dish that everyone will love.
Chicken Cashew CasseroleChicken cashew casserole – Great use of cashews in this Asian inspired dish. Braised Chicken in Carrot Juice And PrunesBraised chicken in carrot juice and prunes – A bold-tasting North African inspired dish. Braised Duck Legs With VegetablesBraised duck legs with vegetables – A fancy duck dish that anyone can prepare. Chicken Tajine With ApricotsChicken Tajine With Apricots – A spicy Moroccan inspired dish.
Roast chicken with grapesRoast chicken with grapes – A delicious roast chicken with grapes and fresh sage. Coconut crusted chicken stripsCoconut crusted chicken strips – An easy, tasty and healthy finger food. Roast Chicken with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Cauliflower MashRoast Chicken with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Cauliflower Mash – A delicious Paleo meal. Cinnamon chickenCinnamon chicken – A fall favorite, chicken cooked in a blend of cinnamon and garlic flavors.
Spicy chicken drumsticksSpicy drumsticks – A very simple and healthy Paleo recreation of a classic finger food. Chicken with creamy sun-dried tomato sauceChicken with creamy sun-dried tomato sauce – A simple roasted chicken breast recipe augmented with a delicious sun-dried tomato sauce. Chicken stewQuick and creamy chicken stew – A very quick to prepare chicken stew that’s perfect for an easy meal fix. Green chicken masalaGreen chicken masala – A spicy green curry that’s quick and easy to prepare.
Spicy chicken with herb sauceSpicy chicken with herb sauce – A simple chicken recipe using a great savory spice rub and a refreshing mint and parsley sauce. Olive, garlic and lemon chickenOlive, garlic and lemon chicken – A delicious and easy chicken thighs recipes using typical Mediterranean ingredients. Duck ConfitDuck Confit and Carrot Confit – This French specialty is easier to make then you might think. The carrots confit are also absolutely amazing. Citrus roast chickenGinger Citrus Roast Chicken – Moist, tangy, simple and easy. A great twist on your traditional roast chicken.
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Pork Chops With Apple-Bacon RelishPork Chops With Apple-Bacon Relish – Quick grilled pork chops topped off with a savory relish to make them extra delicious. Ribs With Mixed Berry BBQ SauceRibs With Mixed Berry BBQ Sauce – Pork ribs slathered in a sweet-savory BBQ sauce and cooked until they're perfectly tender and ready to gnaw off the bone.
Ham And Pineapple SkewersHam And Pineapple Skewers – These tasty grilled skewers combine ham and pineapple with a delicious sauce for maximum flavor. Sausage With Grilled VegetablesSausage With Grilled Vegetables – The barbecue version of a one-pan meal – a big delicious pile of sausage and vegetables hot off the grill. Mexican-Style RibsMexican-Style Ribs – These spice-rubbed ribs start out in the oven for extra-tender meat with minimal fuss, and end up charred and delicious from the grill. Pork Tenderloin With Strawberry SaucePork Tenderloin With Strawberry Sauce – Pork tenderloin wrapped in crispy bacon and flavored with a strawberry-balsamic glaze: yum!
Pork Tenderloin With Smoked PaprikaPork Tenderloin With Smoked Paprika – Grilled pork tenderloin with a hot and flavorful spice rub – it's delicious without being fussy or complicated at all. Pulled Pork With BBQ Mustard SaucePulled Pork With BBQ Mustard Sauce – A delicious twist on slow-cooker pulled pork with a big flavor from a mustard-infused sauce. Spicy Honey-Glazed RibsSpicy Honey-Glazed Ribs – Tender, oven-roasted ribs in a spicy honey sauce: kids and grown-ups will all love them. Pork Chops With BBQ Peach SaucePork Chops With BBQ Peach Sauce – A fresh, summery recipe for grilled pork chops in a fruity barbecue sauce.
Curried Pork Chops With Honeydew And CucumberCurried Pork Chops With Honeydew And Cucumber – A complete meal all in one quick recipe: curried pork chops with a refreshing cucumber and honeydew salad. Vietnamese Pork Spring RollsVietnamese Pork Spring Rolls – The perfect side dish for any Asian-inspired meal and quite a few that aren't: spring rolls, made Paleo. Pressure Cooker Ribs With Creamy ColeslawPressure Cooker Ribs With Creamy Coleslaw – Delicious pork baby back ribs prepared in no time in the pressure cooker and served alongside a creamy raisin and caraway seed coleslaw. Bacon-Wrapped Pork MedallionsBacon-Wrapped Pork Medallions – Try this quick but impressive grilled pork for a summertime BBQ feast.
Hawaiian-Style BurgersHawaiian-Style Burgers – A juicy-sweet burger with just enough tropical flavor to really make it pop. Pulled Pork SaladPulled Pork Salad – This quick and vegetable-packed salad will liven up any leftover pulled pork you have in the fridge. Pork CarnitasPork Carnitas – A crowd-pleasing recipe for crispy pork cooked to mouthwatering perfection in a citrus sauce with spices and herbs. Pork Tenderloin With Pears And Butternut SquashPork Tenderloin With Pears And Butternut Squash – A fruity sauce for your pork and an easy roasted vegetable side, all in one simple recipe.
Herbed Pork ChopsHerbed Pork Chops – Break out your grill and get ready for the summer with this quick pork chop recipe featuring a fresh herbal marinade and a built-in vegetable side. Pork and Pineapple Stir-FryPork and Pineapple Stir-Fry – A simple but tasty stir-fry if you're looking for some sweetness built into your main course. Simple Sausage CasseroleSimple Sausage Casserole – This hearty casserole is great for breakfast or for dinner, and so easy to make. Slow Cooker Ham With Pineapple and Mustard GlazeSlow Cooker Ham With Pineapple and Mustard Glaze – A savory-sweet ham finished off in the oven for even more flavor without sacrificing convenience.
Bacon-Wrapped Sausage With ApplesRoasted Pork Loin With Pear Sauce – A sweet and flavorful pork roast with bacon and a fruity sauce – it’s easy to make, but it tastes like you spent hours getting it just perfect. Bacon-Wrapped Sausage With ApplesHoliday Spiced Pork Roast – A simple but flavorful pork loin roasted in all your favorite Christmas spices. Bacon-Wrapped Sausage With ApplesBacon-Wrapped Sausage With Apples – A quick and savory treat to serve for holiday guests or just for your own enjoyment. Pork Tenderloin With CranberriesPork Tenderloin With Cranberries – Brighten up your table with this sweet and savory one-pan dinner.
Pineapple Pork ChopsPineapple Pork Chops – Grilled pork chops in a ginger-garlic marinade with sweet pineapple chunks on top. Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet PotatoesPulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – Missing pulled pork sandwiches? Try them Paleo-style, with a sweet potato standing in for the bun. Slow Cooked Balsamic Pork RoastSlow Cooked Balsamic Pork Roast – Tender pork roast in a tangy balsamic vinegar sauce, all cooked in the slow-cooker for minimum fuss and mess. Pork and Apple MeatloafPork and Apple Meatloaf – An original and delicious take on meatloaf, savory-sweet and delicious. And it’s egg-free.
Spicy Spare RibsSpicy Spare Ribs – Juicy, spicy spareribs, straight from your oven. Apple-Cinnamon Pork LoinApple-Cinnamon Pork Loin – Celebrate the arrival of apple season with this tender and flavorful pork loin. Texas-Style Pork RibsTexas-Style Pork Ribs – It wouldn’t be summertime without at least one plate piled high with barbecue ribs. Grilled Pork With Basil RubGrilled Pork With Basil Rub – A lighter take on pork chops, featuring a simple and classic citrus-herb flavor.
Asian Pulled PorkAsian Pulled Pork – Tender pulled pork with a new and different twist on the seasonings. BBQ Tenderloin With Blackberry SauceBBQ Tenderloin With Blackberry Sauce – Bring out the flavor of high summer with this berry-flavored barbecue sauce. Slow-Cooker Barbecue RibsSlow-Cooker Barbecue Ribs – Make your grill jealous with these unbeatable slow-cooker ribs. Orange Glazed HamOrange Glazed Ham – Add an irresistible flavor to your ham with this lightly spiced orange glaze.
Homemade HamHomemade Ham – Tired of trying to find a Paleo-friendly ham at the grocery store? Why not make it yourself with this easy recipe. Pork Loin Braised in Coconut MilkPork Loin Braised in Coconut Milk – Tender pork loin gently braised in coconut milk and aromatic herbs makes a delicious dinner that’s well worth the cooking time. Cuban Style Pork ChopsCuban Style Pork Chops – Grilled pork chops rubbed with a Cuban spice blend and paired with a delicious mango side dish. Spicy Tomato Pork ChopsSpicy Tomato Pork Chops – Add some serious flavor to ordinary pork chops with this delicious vegetable topping and a technique for keeping the pork tender and juicy.
Cottage Pie With SausageCottage Pie With Sausage – Cold weather is no match for a hearty plate of cottage pie hot from the oven. Ribs with BBQ Apple SauceRibs with BBQ Apple Sauce – Treat yourself to a Paleo feast with these savory ribs. Cranberry Apple Stuffed Pork LoinCranberry Apple Stuffed Pork Loin – Who would want day-old bread when you can have this Paleo stuffing instead, rolled up inside a savory pork loin. Chicken and Pork Stuffed SquashChicken and Pork Stuffed Squash – Dish up a savory mixture of pork and chicken, inside a delicious edible serving bowl.
Pork Tenderloin With Burgundy SaucePork Tenderloin With Burgundy Sauce – A simple wine sauce adds a lot of flavor to the pork tenderloin, without adding a lot of time in the kitchen. Pork Chops With PeachesPork Chops With Peaches – Another example that shows that pork and fruits are a perfect combination. Spicy Pork ChiliSpicy Pork Chili – You won’t miss the beans in this hot and nutritious Chili. Pork Chops in Sweet SaucePork Chops in Sweet Sauce – These sweet and savory pork chops are perfect during the summertime.
Homemade BaconHomemade Bacon – Who thought you could easily make bacon at home? Finally enjoy a bacon with less salt, no preservatives and an unlimited choice of flavors. PorchettaPorchetta – A simplified version of the Italian classic with tender pork and delicious herbs. Pork and Apple SkewersPork and Apple Skewers – This recipe demonstrates once again that pork and apples are a perfect match. Fish In A PigFish In A Pig – When’s the last time you enjoyed trout fillets cooked inside a pork tenderloin.
Canned PorkCanned Pork – A great and creative way to prepare pork to get an easy go-to snack or lunch. Thai Pork Lettuce WrapsThai pork lettuce wraps – A delicious and simple Paleo lunch idea. Pork roastPork roast with Dijon glaze – A hearty and spicy pork roast. Perfect when the times are getting colder. Stuffed pork tenderloinStuffed pork tenderloin – A delicious piece of pork stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts.
Slow-cooked pork roastSlow-cooked pork roast – A simple slow-cooked paleo meal made with as little preparation as possible. Slow cooked spare ribsSlow cooked pork spare ribs – Delicious, finger licking food that requires minimal preparation. Pork chopsNectarine & Onion Pork Chops – A simple recipe blending the savory flavor of pork with the sweet flavor of nectarine. Spicy pulled porkSpicy pulled pork – An oven cooked and spice rubbed pulled pork recipe with the addition of a tangy and spicy sauce.
Bacon recipesFor the love of Bacon [Recipe collection]  – A roundup of 8 delicious bacon-centered Paleo recipes. Pig's headCooking With The Whole Pig’s Head – Two simple ways to prepare a whole pork head, one being the well known head cheese. BigosBigos, a Polish Hunter’s Stew – Probably a bit different then your usual stew, in part because of its use of sauerkraut. Pork rindsPork rinds – Make this snack at home from pork skin. Pork rinds is probably the cheapest snack you can make and is absolutely delicious.
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Stuffed CalamariStuffed Calamari – Calamari aren't just for breading and deep-frying! Try them stuffed with a savory vegetable mixture and stewed in tomato sauce and spices. Grilled Salmon With Avocado SauceGrilled Salmon With Avocado Sauce – This elegant but uncomplicated meal is a tasty way to add some spice and even more healthy fats to a piece of salmon.
Spicy Grilled Jumbo ShrimpSpicy Grilled Jumbo Shrimp – Spice up your grill rotation with these mouth-tingling jumbo shrimp. Fried Fish TacosFried Fish Tacos – Amazing fried tilapia fish tacos with homemade spicy mayo and Pico de Gallo. All this served into a cauliflower tortilla. Buffalo ShrimpBuffalo Shrimp – Try your shrimp salad with Buffalo sauce for a delicious flavor boost. Lobster Salad with Taro ChipsLobster Salad with Taro Chips – Getting fancy with a creamy Paleo lobster salad and exploring safe starch options with a side of crispy taro chips.
Grilled Lobster With Fresh HerbsGrilled Lobster With Fresh Herbs – Grilled lobsters with herb sauce and a freshly-mixed compound butter make a delicious meal for any special occasion. Asian Marinated Tuna with Shaved SaladAsian Marinated Tuna with Shaved Salad – A delicious Asian-inspired dish of fresh wild tuna and a shaved salad with carrots, asparagus and cucumbers. Fennel and Lemon Roasted TroutFennel and Lemon Roasted Trout – Whole rainbow trout roasted with lemon, fennel, and fresh herbs for a simple but flavorful meal. Maple Salmon With Chives and DillMaple Salmon With Chives and Dill – Pan-seared salmon with a sweet-tangy glaze and a sprinkling of fresh herbs.
Tuna Tartare BitesTuna Tartare Bites – A fresh but flavorful seafood tartare recipe served over finger-friendly cucumber slices. Shrimp Ceviche with TostonesShrimp Ceviche with Tostones – We prepared this delicious shrimp ceviche with a side of plantain Tostones from Russ Crandall's Ancestral Table cookbook. Spicy ShrimpSpicy Shrimp – Shrimp flavored with a spicy marinade deliver a finger food with just the right amount of heat. Garlic Roasted CodGarlic Roasted Cod – Tender cod fillets seared in a hot skillet and then baked with a topping of ghee and prosciutto, with just a little bit of mustard for taste.
Shrimp, Pineapple and Bacon SkewersShrimp, Pineapple and Bacon Skewers – Try these fruity, bacon-wrapped shrimp for a healthy and delicious appetizer or even part of a meal. Halibut with Peach and Pepper SalsaHalibut with Peach and Pepper Salsa – Fresh halibut fillets with a sunny salsa will brighten up your plate at any time of year. Cabbage-Wrapped SalmonCabbage-Wrapped Salmon – A different way to bake salmon fillets: it helps keep them tender and looks nice on the plate, too. Shrimp and Guacamole AppetizersSesame Spiced Tuna – A classic way to add flavor to seared tuna stakes with a spice-heavy crust.
Shrimp and Guacamole AppetizersShrimp and Guacamole Appetizers – An appetizer for the time-crunched, perfect for a New Year’s party or any occasion when you need something in a hurry. Crispy Coconut Shrimp With Mango SauceCrispy Coconut Shrimp With Mango Sauce – Give your shrimp a crust of coconut flakes and then try dipping them in this tropical sauce for extra flavor. Rosemary-Skewered ScallopsRosemary-Skewered Scallops – These special skewers provide a striking presentation that also enhances the flavor of the scallops. Seared Cod with Fresh Herb SauceSeared Cod with Fresh Herb Sauce – A quick but delicious recipe for lemony, herb-flavored cod in a delicious creamy sauce.
Mediterranean Salmon TartareMediterranean Salmon Tartare – A dish for adventurous foodies: salmon tartare with a fresh, Mediterranean dressing. Crab Stuffed ShrimpCrab Stuffed Shrimp – A Paleo appetizer with shrimp and crabmeat that tastes and looks sophisticated, but that’s very simple to prepare. Bacon-Wrapped SalmonBacon-Wrapped Salmon – Salmon is already delicious, but it’s even more decadent wrapped in bacon with some fresh herbs and lemon zest. Smoked Salmon Salad on Cucumber SlicesSmoked Salmon Salad on Cucumber Slices – A healthy and creative take on smoked salmon salad, no crackers or bagels required.
Shrimp Taco BitesShrimp Taco Bites – A simple but delicious Paleo finger food that can work as a snack tray, an appetizer, or even part of a meal. Shrimp Burgers with Pineapple-Avocado SalsaShrimp Burgers with Pineapple-Avocado Salsa – A fresh and summery take on seafood burgers with a juicy fruit salsa to match. Salmon with Tomato PestoSalmon with Tomato Pesto – Cook up a feast with a very special twist on pesto adding flavor to fresh salmon grilled on a cedar plank. Pomegranate SalmonPomegranate Salmon – Dress up your salmon with this special blend of Middle Eastern flavors.
Sweet Lemon ShrimpSweet Lemon Shrimp – Need dinner in a hurry? Try these ultra-fast shrimp marinated with honey and lemon juice for a mouthwatering flavor. Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Watermelon and AvocadoGrilled Shrimp Skewers with Watermelon and Avocado – Spice up barbecue night with a big plate of chili-marinated shrimp and juicy fresh fruit. Grilled Maple Dijon Salmon with BaconGrilled Maple Dijon Salmon with Bacon – Bring out the sweeter side of salmon with a quick and delicious grill recipe with complimentary flavors from Dijon mustard and maple syrup. Shrimp With Avocado And MangoShrimp With Avocado And Mango – Cold weather got you down? Brighten up your day with a summery treat to remind you that winter doesn’t last forever.
Salmon FlorentineSalmon Florentine – An elegant Paleo take on the classic salmon with spinach. Sea Scallops With Mushrooms And SpinachSea Scallops With Mushrooms And Spinach – Enhance the flavor of fresh scallops with some well-chosen vegetables and a healthy dose of fat, all in just a few minutes of prep time. Shrimp Pad ThaiShrimp Pad Thai – A dream come true for the pad Thai lovers: a Paleo variation that tastes just as irresistible as the original. Scallop Tartare with StrawberriesScallop Tartare with Strawberries – Bring the gourmet restaurant menu home to your own kitchen with this elegant appetizer that’s sure to impress.
Shrimp Sausage SkewersShrimp Sausage Skewers – Cajun BBQ skewers – so quick, you can grill them even when it’s cold out. Tilapia With Thai CurryTilapia With Thai Curry – A delicious and simple fish served with a bold and rich curry sauce. Bacon-Shrimp Stuffed Sweet PotatoesBacon-Shrimp Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – The title says it all. These are literally addictive. Sea Scallops and AsparagusSea Scallops and Asparagus – An elegant, yet simple to prepare appetizer.
Tuna BurgersTuna Burgers – Who said burgers had to be all about beef. Cod With Italian Style SalsaCod With Italian Style Salsa – The simple flavors of cod are appreciated at its best with this fresh salsa. Lomi Lomi SalmonLomi Lomi Salmon – A light and refreshing salmon dinner. Tuna With Avocado SalsaTuna With Avocado Salsa – Impress your guests with this juicy and crunchy salsa served on top of an impressive tuna steak.
Grilled Lemon-Herb Zucchinis with SoleGrilled Lemon-Herb Zucchinis with Sole – A very quick Sole dish that’s prepared in no time on the grill. Seafood GumboSeafood Gumbo – A delicious variety of seafood and vegetables prepared Louisiana-style. Oysters KilpatrickOysters Kilpatrick – A perfect appetizer and a great way to enjoy cooked oysters if you don’t like them raw. Grilled Salmon-Tomato SkewersGrilled Salmon-Tomato Skewers – This recipe shows once more that salmon is perfect for BBQ season.
Shrimp Stuffed EggplantShrimp stuffed eggplant – Delicious shrimp served in an eggplant, making for a great presentation. Salmon Tartare With Fresh HerbsSalmon tartare with fresh herbs – A Light, simple, sophisticated and fresh tasting salmon dish. Tuna Avocado BoatsTuna avocado boats – A simple tuna salad originally served inside an avocado. Fish Curry With BananasFish curry with bananas – A sweet and spicy combination with tilapia and bananas.
Mussels in white wine sauceMussels in white wine sauce – A simple and very nutritious seafood dish. Fish tacosFish tacos – Simple and fresh Paleo fish tacos that are perfect to enjoy with guests in the summertime. Salmon with cherry tomato salsa and asparagusSalmon with cherry tomato salsa and asparagus – A complete and tasty Paleo meal that’s extremely simple to prepare. Baked scallopsCreamy tomato baked scallops – A simple recipe of baked scallops in a rich and delicious tomato sauce.
Tuna steak recipeTuna steak with avocado and cilantro marinade – A great and simple way to enjoy fresh tuna. Shrimp in fruity salsaShrimp in fruity salsa – Shrimp in a juicy pineapple and mango salsa with great flavors from cumin, coriander and lime. Fish cakesFish cakes – Simple and quick fish cake recipe, ideal to introduce fish to the fish averse. Spicy scallop saladSpicy scallop salad – A bold, yet refreshing salad. Ideal for a quick and delicious meal and a very easy paleo recipe.
Curried shrimpsCurried shrimps and spinach – A few minutes is all it takes to prepare this amazingly simple shrimp dish. ScallopsLemon and garlic scallops – Lemon, garlic and butter is always a winning match and go very well with all sorts of fish or seafood. In this case, scallops are the main attraction in this paleo recipe. Grilled troutCooking Whole Fish And Grilled Trout Recipe – Delicious, moist and audacious, cooking whole fish is simple than most people think. Fish fillets with mint pepper salsaFish fillets with mint and pepper salsa – A simple, colorful and fresh tasting fish dish.
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Eggs In Sweet Potato NestsEggs In Sweet Potato Nests – Liven up the typical eggs-and-sweet-potato breakfast with these cute, kid-friendly "nests." Egg Foo YoungEgg Foo Young – Crunchy bean sprouts, spring onions, and a savory sauce make this a new and interesting tweak on omelets with an Asian flair.
Cherry Tomato And Basil QuicheCherry Tomato And Basil Quiche – This summery quiche makes a delicious quick meal at any time of day. Scrambled Eggs With Smoked SalmonScrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon – Smoked salmon isn't just for bagels! Try it in scrambled eggs instead for a special flavor boost. Breakfast Casserole With SausagesBreakfast Casserole With Sausages – A savory, filling Paleo breakfast that you can eat hot or make ahead for grab-and-go meals throughout the week. Egg Salad with Roasted Bell PepperEgg Salad with Roasted Bell Pepper – Pep up your egg salad with some colorful roasted peppers and fresh herbs.
Breakfast Stuffed PeppersBreakfast Stuffed Peppers – Any morning can be a good morning with a breakfast this tasty! Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes With EggsTwice Baked Sweet Potatoes With Eggs – Another great make-ahead recipe for convenient meals on the go: eggs with savory, twice-baked sweet potatoes. Eggs Benedict With Avocado SauceEggs Benedict With Avocado Sauce – A Paleo adaptation of eggs Benedict, topped off with an interesting replacement for Hollandaise. Asparagus and Mushroom Spaghetti Squash QuicheAsparagus and Mushroom Spaghetti Squash Quiche – Missing a crust on your quiche? Try this vegetable-heavy Paleo version with spaghetti squash instead.
Egg Salad DipEgg Salad Dip – A delicious and healthy snack or party food, packed with healthy fat and served with fresh vegetables for dipping. Baked Eggs with Pancetta And MushroomsBaked Eggs with Pancetta And Mushrooms – A simple but delicious way to whip up some eggs and vegetables at any time of day. Guacamole Stuffed EggsGuacamole Stuffed Eggs – For a garden party or just a springtime snack, eggs stuffed with guacamole are the perfect little “special something.. Baked Eggs With Asparagus and LeeksBaked Eggs With Asparagus and Leeks – Here’s a quick, fresh breakfast idea to make the most of asparagus season and get some greens into your morning routine.
Mini Ham And Broccoli FrittatasMini Ham And Broccoli Frittatas – Perk up your breakfast with these kid-friendly “egg muffins” that shrink a frittata recipe down to individual servings. Tomato Basil FrittataTomato Basil Frittata – Delicious Italian-style frittata full of fluffy baked eggs and juicy tomato slices. Eggs Benedict And HamEggs Benedict and ham – A great way to enjoy eggs Benedict. Oven OmeletOven Omelet – Freshen up your repertoire of egg dishes with this slightly different take on an omelet that’s quick enough even for a workday.
BLT Dressed EggsBLT dressed eggs – Another great variation on deviled eggs. Simple Egg SouffléSimple egg soufflé – This soufflé is simpler to prepare than you might think. A great breakfast option. Egg and Smoked Salmon Open-Faced Apple SandwichEgg and smoked salmon open-faced apple sandwich – An easy to create and creative breakfast or lunch idea. Egg In A JarEgg in a jar – A great and original way to serve eggs.
ShakshukaShakshuka – A spicy mixture of tomatoes and poached eggs for a great Middle Eastern meal. Pickled eggsPickled eggs – A simple and healthy Paleo snack. Spinach quicheBasic spinach quiche – A very simple, yet delicious, baked egg preparation. Garlic and parsley deviled eggsGarlic and parsley deviled eggs – A deviled eggs recipe with additions that make it a great Paleo appetizer that really stands out.
Stuffed tomatoesEgg and pesto stuffed tomatoes – Delicious roasted tomatoes stuffed with a homemade pesto and eggs. A juicy and tasty paleo dish. FrittataZucchini and Sweet Potato Frittata – This simple egg dish is the lazy man’s omelet. This one uses sweet potatoes, which makes for a very filling meal ideal for those who workout a lot, but you can really throw in any veggies you have around. Breakfast BurritoBreakfast Burrito – A grain-free version of breakfast burritos that kids will appreciate just as much as their time-crunched parents do. Zucchini and Egg BreakfastZucchini and Egg Breakfast – Vegetables aren’t just for dinner! Here’s a very quick and simple recipe to help you make them a delicious part of your morning as well.
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Chicken and Cabbage Salad With Almond Butter DressingChicken and Cabbage Salad With Almond Butter Dressing – A super-fast, super-crunchy salad with a subtle Asian inspiration, perfect for home or the lunchbox. Dill Potato SaladDill Potato Salad – An amazing potato salad with homemade mayo, red onions and dill. A great one for those who have no fear of white potatoes. Greek SaladGreek Salad – A fresh chopped salad with an herbal lemon dressing and Greek-inspired flavors.
Strawberry Broccoli SaladStrawberry Broccoli Salad – Crunchy raw broccoli is the perfect contrast for a creamy dressing and some fresh strawberries. Chicken Salad With BBQ DressingChicken Salad With BBQ Dressing – Chicken, bacon, and BBQ sauce collide for a salad with some serious horsepower. Shrimp And Avocado SaladShrimp And Avocado Salad – A quick and simple tossed salad with a big flavor, perfect for lunch on a hot afternoon or even a quick dinner. Cucumber And Strawberry SaladCucumber And Strawberry Salad – A simple, fruity salad that you'll want to serve with everything this summer.
Chopped Salad with Shrimp and Curry DressingChopped Salad with Shrimp and Curry Dressing – A healthy chopped salad loaded with colorful vegetables, shrimp and a creamy coconut curry dressing. Grapefruit, Melon, And Orange SaladGrapefruit, Melon, And Orange Salad – A simple and delicious citrusy fruit salad to serve any time of day. Cranberry Avocado SaladCranberry Avocado Salad – Try this flavor-packed salad to go with anything from ordinary dinners to special-occasion feasts. Green Salad With Clementine DressingGreen Salad With Clementine Dressing – A crisp salad with clementines in the greens and in the dressing.
Crunchy Papaya Salad With ShrimpCrunchy Papaya Salad With Shrimp – This delicious salad will brighten up your day with a combination of sweet fruit, crunchy sprouts, and a spicy-savory dressing. Chipotle Sweet Potato SaladChipotle Sweet Potato Salad – If sweet potatoes are getting a little repetitive, why not jazz them up with spicy chipotle mayo. Strawberry Pecan SaladStrawberry Pecan Salad – Top off your salad with ripe strawberries and crunchy sauteed pecans for a delicious main dish or side. Fresh Summer SaladFresh Summer Salad – A simple summer salad with a few easy twists to keep it interesting.
Watermelon, Raspberry and Mint SaladWatermelon, Raspberry and Mint Salad – A colorful salad for celebrating the abundance of fresh berries in the summertime. Tomato And Spinach SaladTomato And Spinach Salad – Indulge in the pleasures of tomato season with a simple but delicious fresh salad. Coleslaw With Apples and Poppy SeedsColeslaw With Apples and Poppy Seeds – A fruity, crunchy take on a favorite option for summer salads. Broccoli and Apple Salad with WalnutsBroccoli and Apple Salad with Walnuts – Treat yourself to this refreshingly crispy raw salad as a no-fuss side dish or an easy Paleo snack.
Radish and Cucumber SaladRadish and Cucumber Salad – Pep up a classic cucumber salad with thin-sliced radishes for extra color, texture, and flavor. Cooked Vegetable SaladCooked Vegetable Salad – Savory roasted eggplant, zucchini, and other vegetables served with a creamy dressing over an abundant pile of fresh greens. Creamy Cucumber SaladCreamy Cucumber Salad – A cool and refreshing summer salad to serve with all your favorite barbecue meals. Strawberry Poppy Seed SaladStrawberry Poppy Seed Salad – A crunchy, summery salad covered in a sweet and creamy poppy seed dressing.
Citrus and Avocado SaladCitrus and Avocado Salad – A perfectly balanced combination of creamy and tangy, this salad is a sunny and beautiful way to start the morning. Pad Thai SaladPad Thai Salad – Pad Thai gets a vegetable-heavy Paleo makeover in this quick and delicious salad variation. Chicken Salad With Almond DressingChicken Salad With Almond Dressing – Keep your salads exciting with some juicy fresh fruit and a drizzle of this creamy almond dressing. Fruity Sweet Potato SaladFruity Sweet Potato Salad – A fresh, naturally sweet take on potato salad.
Breakfast SaladBreakfast Salad – Break out of the “breakfast food” mold and get a head start on your vegetables for the day with this fresh breakfast salad. Fruity ColeslawFruity Coleslaw – An ultra-fast salad that adds a new dimension to the typical coleslaw recipe: perfect for dinner in a rush. Chicken Cranberry SaladChicken Cranberry Salad – A versatile main dish that will fill lettuce wraps or stuff peppers with ease. Fall Vegetable SaladFall Vegetable Salad – Dig into this lighter take on winter vegetables, tossed with a delicious sun-dried tomato dressing.
Salmon and Beet Salad With Spicy DressingSalmon and Beet Salad With Spicy Dressing – This salad has it all: juicy citrus fruit, creamy avocado, crunchy onions, and decadent roasted beets, all topped with salmon and a spicy dressing. Grilled Steak SaladGrilled Steak Salad – From the grill to your plate in just a few minutes. Crab Taco SaladCrab Taco Salad – A variation on a taco salad that will surely impress. Spinach, Strawberry And Avocado SaladSpinach, Strawberry And Avocado Salad – A colorful and nutritious salad that can act as a complete meal with the addition of some fresh wild salmon.
Taco SaladTaco Salad – The full taco experience minus the guilt. This will become an instant classic. Nicoise SaladNicoise Salad
– A delicious French salad with tuna, green beans, hard boiled eggs and tomatoes.
Mango And Avocado SaladMango And Avocado Salad – A light and refreshing salad with a tropical feel. Shrimp-topped Mexican SaladShrimp-topped Mexican Salad – A spicy and bold tasting salad with shrimp and guacamole.
Steak Salad With CranberriesSteak salad with cranberries – A perfect example to show that salads don’t have to be boring. Grapefruit Spinach SaladGrapefruit spinach salad – Who thought that so many flavors could be packed in such a simple salad. Fresh vegetable saladFresh Vegetable Salad With Black Olives – Simple yet very tasty and nutritious. Kale saladRaw kale salad – A simple, yet very nutritious and flavourful salad.
Tomato And Zucchini With Curry SauceTomato And Zucchini With Curry Sauce – A simple and tasty vegetable dish. Salmon arugula saladSalmon arugula salad – A very simple and fresh salad that’s perfect during the summertime. Shrimp and mango saladShrimp and mango salad – A simple, delicious and refreshing Paleo salad. Paleo chicken saladChicken salad with grapes, apples and cranberries – A simple, sweet and savory chicken salad.
Mushroom saladMushroom salad – A hearty salad with roasted hazelnuts and a simple vinaigrette. Raspberry and spinach saladRaspberry and spinach salad – A simple, sweet and crunchy salad that’s delicious and highly nutritious. Beet and Walnut saladBeet and walnut salad – A simple and effective paleo side dish that makes use of the delicious red vegetable paired with the simplest vinaigrette. Sweet potato saladSpecial sweet potato salad – A flavorful and simple salad that’s packed with nutrition and that’ll go well with just about any main dish.
Bacon, grape and broccoli saladBacon, grape & broccoli salad – A very simple salad that tastes so good that I’m sure you’ll make it again and again. Waldorf saladWaldorf Salad – A delicious and simple salad featuring mayonnaise, walnuts, apples and celery. Warm Winter SaladWarm Winter Salad – Learn to appreciate your favorite winter vegetables on a bed of crunchy spinach and tossed with a mustard vinaigrette.
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Pineapple with Lime and MintPineapple with Lime and Mint – Juicy fresh pineapple slices go well with almost any meal, especially when they're dressed up with just a bit of mint and lime. Apple and Almond Butter BitesApple and Almond Butter Bites – A quick snack that takes apples with nut butter somewhere a little more interesting. Acorn Squash with Walnuts & CranberriesAcorn Squash with Walnuts & Cranberries – A hearty Paleo recipe for stuffed acorn squash – and it’s even vegetarian! A perfect recipe for the fall season.
Valentine’s Day SmoothieValentine’s Day Smoothie – A fresh and simple treat for your sweetheart, or just for yourself. Bacon-Wrapped AvocadoBacon-Wrapped Avocado – Have you ever tried cooked avocado before? Give it a shot with these indulgent snacks, featuring bacon and chili powder to complement the creamy fruit. Baked Apple ChipsBaked Apple Chips – Crunchy and tart, and sprinkled with cinnamon for just a hint of sweetness, these chips combine healthy and delicious into one irresistible snack. Granola BarsGranola Bars – For traveling, unpredictable commutes, or just those busy mornings, these grain-free granola bars are the perfect fuss-free Paleo fuel.
Pumpkin Pie SmoothiePumpkin Pie Smoothie – No need to be jealous of anyone’s pumpkin spice latte with this healthy and delicious Paleo alternative. Fruit rollsApple cinnamon fruit rolls – A fruity and easy to prepare Paleo snack. Chocolate nut granolaChocolate nut granola – A gluten-free granola that makes for a delicious and chocolaty Paleo snack. Paleo smoothieMorning Paleo smoothie – Filling and flavorful smoothie for those fast mornings.
Blueberry cucumber smoothieBlueberry cucumber smoothie – A simple and delicious Paleo smoothie recipe. Grilled peachesGrilled peaches with Prosciutto and Basil – A great side or snack when grilling is still in season and peaches are juicy and plentiful. Paleo SnacksPaleo Snacks – Some great paleo snack ideas as well as four delicious recipes. Kale chipsKale chips – A simple, crunchy and slightly salty Paleo snack that’s also very nutritious.
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Vegetables & Sides

Garlic Green BeansGarlic Green Beans – A quick and tasty Paleo side dish that gives a new perspective on the good old green beans.
Roasted Mushrooms With ThymeRoasted Mushrooms With Thyme – A simple but classic recipe for roasting mushrooms with fresh herbs and plenty of healthy fat. Grilled Sweet PotatoesGrilled Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes can be just as easy as any other grilled vegetable: here's how to make them. Roasted Red Pepper PestoRoasted Red Pepper Pesto – Try this tasty variation on pesto with everything from Paleo noodles to your favorite grilled meats. Vegetables in a Creamy Pesto SauceVegetables in a Creamy Pesto Sauce – A simple vegetarian dish of steamed vegetables in a fresh and homemade basil pesto sauce.
Celeriac MashCeleriac Mash – A creamy and delicious Paleo side dish that's bound to have you fall in love with celeriac. Sweet Potato NachosSweet Potato Nachos – Missing nachos? Try this Paleo interpretation: crispy slices of sweet potato loaded down with flavor-packed toppings. Pecan and Sweet Potato SidePecan and Sweet Potato Side – Winter got you down? Try a big bowl of roasted sweet potatoes with pecans and just a dash of spice. Vegetable CurryVegetable Curry – Stuck for time? Here’s a way to make spicy and flavorful vegetables in just a few minutes.
Spinach and Artichoke DipSpinach and Artichoke Dip – This quick and creamy dip will add plenty of flavor (not to mention vegetables and healthy fat) to your vegetable platter. Jalapeno PoppersJalapeno Poppers – These mouthwatering stuffed jalapeno peppers will have you reaching back to the plate again…and again…and again…! Oven Baked Zucchini FrittersOven Baked Zucchini Fritters – The perfect healthy treats for game day finger-food or just a quick snack when you feel like something crunchy. Roasted Red Pepper PastaRoasted Red Pepper Pasta – Try this rich-flavored red pepper sauce over grain-free Paleo noodles for a classic side dish made healthy.
Garlic-Roasted Cherry TomatoesGarlic-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes – Try these easy roasted tomatoes for a Mediterranean-inspired flavor boost in just about anything. Apple and Vegetable Stir-FryApple and Vegetable Stir-Fry – Mix something a little different into your stir-fry with this quick and easy recipe. Chipotle-Glazed Sweet Potato FriesChipotle-Glazed Sweet Potato Fries – Sweet and spicy combine to make these chipotle-seasoned oven fries irresistibly delicious. Sweet Potato Rosti With Smoked SalmonSweet Potato Rosti With Smoked Salmon – These miniature rosti are perfect for brunch or any time you want some finger food to impress.
Mini Pepperoni Pizza BitesMini Pepperoni Pizza Bites – Try these cute and flavor-packed pepperoni cups the next time you have pizza night. Sautéed Spinach and Caramelized OnionsSautéed Spinach and Caramelized Onions – Spinach, mushrooms, and onions really stand out in this delicious and flavor-packed side dish. Zucchini GremolataBrussels Sprouts With Balsamic and Cranberries – These beautiful Brussels sprouts are perfect for any table, holiday meal or not. Zucchini GremolataZucchini Gremolata – A quick, fresh-tasting side dish with a citrusy herbal seasoning, delicious at any time of day (vegan and AIP friendly, too!.
Roasted Acorn Squash And ShallotsRoasted Acorn Squash And Shallots – A warm and savory-sweet vegetable side that cuts down the cooking time for acorn squash in a very delicious way. Bacon-Wrapped Butternut SquashBacon-Wrapped Butternut Squash – Enjoy these sweet and savory bites as snacks, appetizers, or even salad toppers. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed MushroomsBacon-Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms – The perfect addition to a special breakfast – or a quick bite any time when you need a little something tasty. Oven Roasted TomatoesOven Roasted Tomatoes – Satisfy a need for Italian food or just enjoy a delicious side dish with these easy roasted tomatoes.
Sweet Potato HummusSweet Potato Hummus – Don’t give up hummus when you go Paleo; try this healthier sweet potato version instead. Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato PastaSpinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta – Dive into the possibilities of Paleo “pasta” with a simple but elegant recipe that you can use as a main dish or as a side. Zucchini and Mushroom PastaZucchini and Mushroom Pasta – A delicious and sophisticated take on grain-free noodles topped with fresh summer vegetables. Cauliflower with Lime and CilantroCauliflower with Lime and Cilantro – Bring out a different side of cauliflower with this quick, summery recipe.
Sweet Potatoes with Pecans, Apples, and Dried CranberriesSweet Potatoes with Pecans, Apples, and Dried Cranberries – Bake up a very special side dish with this surprisingly simple recipe: it’s great for kicking an oatmeal craving in the pants. Roasted Cauliflower with BaconRoasted Cauliflower with Bacon – Kick a simple roasted cauliflower dish up a notch on the delicious scale with strategic use of everyone’s favorite Paleo flavor enhancer. Sweet Potato Bacon CakesSweet Potato Bacon Cakes – Crispy, pan-fried sweet potato cakes are delicious at any time of day, perfect as a sandwich substitute or as a side dish with whatever you’re serving. Asian Stir-Fried Brussels SproutsAsian Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts – Banish soggy Brussels sprouts forever with this flavor-packed stir-fry, easy to make as a main meal or as a quick side.
Apple and Squash StuffingApple and Squash Stuffing – A rich and savory mixture that will enhance anything you care to stuff it with, from whole roast birds to vegetables like squash or peppers. Creamed SpinachCreamed Spinach – Not keen on green beans? Try this rich and satisfying dairy-free creamed spinach for an alternative but still family-friendly side. Sausage-Stuffed MushroomsSausage-Stuffed Mushrooms – As cute as they are delicious, these perky little mushrooms make a great snack, appetizer, or side dish for any occasion. Carrots and Rutabaga MashCarrots and Rutabaga Mash – Enjoy a unique twist on mashed root vegetables with this blend of sweet and sharp flavors.
Chipotle Scalloped Sweet PotatoesChipotle Scalloped Sweet Potatoes – Treat yourself or impress your guests with a quick and easy Paleo version of this traditional family favorite. Roasted Ambercup SquashRoasted Ambercup Squash – Sage and olive oil lend a savory flavor to the subtle sweetness of oven-roasted squash. Roasted Delicata SquashRoasted Delicata Squash – This squash is more delicate than other squashes, making it a breeze to cook but just as delicious on your plate. Oven Roasted Garlic CabbageOven Roasted Garlic Cabbage – A great alternative for the times you’re missing garlic bread very badly.
Fried Brown TomatoesFried Brown Tomatoes – Those sweet and crispy fried tomatoes are a perfect summertime snack or side. Summer Squash and Bacon BitsSummer Squash and Bacon Bits – What better way to enjoy summer squash than with bacon and a tangy herb sauce. Spicy Sweet Potato WedgesSpicy Sweet Potato Wedges – A spicy version of the now classic sweet potato fries. The perfect finger food. Ratatouille Stuffed ZucchiniRatatouille Stuffed Zucchini – Veggies have never looked as good as when enjoyed in these lovely zucchini boats.
Asparagus Ribbons With Lemon DressingAsparagus Ribbons With Lemon Dressing – A simple and elegant side dish with asparagus being the center of attention. Warm Broccoli and Carrot SlawWarm Broccoli and Carrot Slaw – The simplest side you will ever prepare. Butternut Squash FriesButternut squash fries – A healthy version of an American classic. 3 Simple Paleo Sides3 Simple Paleo Sides – Great sides that will go along almost any Paleo dis.
Zucchini cakesZucchini cakes – A very simple recipe for the perfect crunchy zucchini cakes. Roasted cauliflower side dishRoasted cauliflower with mint and pomegranate – A really simple and colorful side dish. Sweet potato casseroleSweet potato casserole – A sweet Paleo side dish to serve alongside your Holiday savory meals. Roasted acorn squashRoasted acorn squash – A quick and tasty side dish that’s perfect in the fall season when squash is plentiful.
Eggplant mushroom curryEggplant mushroom curry – A very quick and tasty curry with a great blend of vegetables and spices. Roasted bell pepper side dishRoasted bell pepper side dish – A tangy, bitter and pungent paleo side dish of roasted bell peppers, capers, white wine vinegar and garlic. Pesto mashed potatoesPesto mashed potatoes – Learn to let go of the fear of white potatoes with this delicious side dish of mashed potatoes paired with homemade basil pesto. RatatouilleRatatouille Recipe – The name of a very good movie and of a very delicious French stewed vegetable dish with tomatoes on the forefront.
Sweet potato friesSweet potato fries – For those times when you got to have carb. Cauliflower and Bacon HashCauliflower and Bacon Hash – Cauliflower takes the place of potatoes in a mouthwatering hash that works just as well for dinner as it does for breakfast. Pesto Stuffed MushroomsPesto Stuffed Mushrooms – Discover a creative new use for pesto that shows off the color of the sauce in bite-sized stuffed mushrooms. Oven Fried PicklesOven Fried Pickles – If you thought pickles were delicious on their own, you’ll love this creative new way to cook them.
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Tomato Florentine SoupTomato Florentine Soup – A soup light enough to serve in the summertime, with all the flavors of the season in one delicious bowl.
Creamy Onion SoupCreamy Onion Soup – A sweet, mild soup to for the true onion lovers to enjoy. Cauliflower ChowderCauliflower Chowder – A hearty, vegetable-heavy chowder to curl up on the couch with when you need some comfort food. Ginger Carrot SoupGinger Carrot Soup – A sweet winter soup with just a hint of heat: it’s perfect to warm up with whenever you need something tasty. Cream of Chicken and Leek SoupCream of Chicken and Leek Soup – A mild and delicious soup, perfect for sick days or just warming up in cold weather.
Beef and Winter Vegetable SoupBeef and Winter Vegetable Soup – If you miss vegetable soup with rice, you’ll love this Paleo version with cauliflower and lots of tender winter vegetables. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato SoupSlow Cooker Sweet Potato Soup – A no-fuss slow-cooker soup to keep you warm on a cold day. Curried Acorn Squash SoupCurried Acorn Squash Soup – A savory, gently spiced soup that pairs sweet acorn squash with Indian seasonings. Turkey, Kale, and Cauliflower SoupTurkey, Kale, and Cauliflower Soup – A warming and nutritious soup with the spotlight on seasonal winter produce.
Wild Mushroom SoupWild Mushroom Soup – This rich and hearty soup takes full advantage of the mushroom-hunting season. Old Fashioned Cabbage SoupOld Fashioned Cabbage Soup – Warm up any meal with this quick and delicious soup, featuring everyone’s favorite budget vegetable. Thai Sweet Potato and Carrot SoupThai Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup – Spice up your root vegetables with this hearty and filling Thai soup. Coconut Lime Chicken SoupCoconut Lime Chicken Soup – A bold, full-flavored soup that goes from fridge to table in just a few minutes.
Cream of Zucchini SoupCream of Zucchini Soup – Make the most of the zucchini harvest with a quick batch of this creamy summer soup. Creamy Zucchini And Mushroom SoupCreamy Zucchini And Mushroom Soup – A quick and satisfying vegetable soup that you can easily modify to be autoimmune-friendly or even vegan. Chunky Meat and Vegetable SoupChunky Meat and Vegetable Soup – Need something creative to do with ground beef? Try this rustic vegetable soup to warm you up inside and out. Tomato SoupTomato Soup – Another classic comfort food recipe, for the tomato-lovers who need the perfect belly-warming bowl of soup.
Thai Coconut SoupThai Coconut Soup – Every bite of this soup is packed with flavor, from the creamy coconut milk base to the spicy jalapeno peppers to the zesty lime wedges. Carrot PotageCarrot Potage – A simple but delicious soup to prove that even peasants in the Middle Ages sometimes got the menu right. Pumpkin Soup With Apple And SpicesPumpkin Soup With Apple And Spices – Spice up your Halloween menu with a piping-hot bowl of this brightly-colored seasonal soup. Ham and Pumpkin SoupHam and Pumpkin Soup – A spicy, comforting soup to warm you up from head to toe.
Turban Squash SoupTurban Squash Soup – If you need a fall recipe to impress, make it this one. Acorn Squash and Apple SoupAcorn Squash and Apple Soup – Curl up with a good book and a steamy bowl of this rich seasonal soup. Chicken and Vegetable SoupChicken and Vegetable Soup – This is the king of comfort food when it comes to soups. Beet and Tomato SoupBeet and Tomato Soup – A bright, colorful and nutritious soup.
Cabbage soupCabbage Soup with Leftover Ham – A hearty soup that’s perfect to prepare with any kind of leftovers. Mexican chicken soupMexican chicken soup – A simple and fresh tasting chicken soup. Egg drop soupEgg drop soup – A simple Asian soup that’s both soothing and nutritious. Sweet potato lime soupSweet potato lime soup – A simple, but very unique pureed sweet potato soup.
Thai chicken curry soupThai chicken curry soup – A simple, yet delicious, spicy and flavorful Thai influenced soup that can be prepared in no time. Leek and sweet potato paleo soupLeek and sweet potato soup – A very quick and simple paleo soup recipe. Cream of tomato soupCream of tomato basil soup – A simple, but very filling soup that’s perfect in the summer time. Irish kidney soupIrish kidney soup – Try lamb kidneys with this traditional Irish soup.
Winter Vegetable SoupWinter Vegetable Soup – A humble classic that hits the spot every time: cozy up to this comforting soup, or bring it to a friend in need. Sweet potato and sausage paleo soupSweet potato and sausage soup – A quick and simple Paleo soup, especially great in the cold winter time. Butternut SquashButternut squash soup – Delicious, nutritious and very filling. Roasted Cauliflower SoupRoasted Cauliflower Soup – Bring out the tender side of cauliflower with a quick turn in the oven, and then blend it into this hearty, nourishing soup.
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Fruit Banana SplitFruit Banana Split – Hold the ice cream but keep the fun of having your dessert served inside a banana with this clever Paleo adaptation. Raspberry-Lime Fruit DipRaspberry-Lime Fruit Dip – This naturally sweet and creamy dip will add flavor to any fruit tray.
Avocado Banana Chocolate CookiesCoconut Date Balls – If you need something sweet without a bunch of junk ingredients, try these easy coconut-covered date balls. Avocado Banana Chocolate CookiesAvocado Banana Chocolate Cookies – A nut-free Paleo treat for the true double-chocolate lovers. Pumpkin Pie BitesPumpkin Pie Bites – These little bites deliver a delicious pumpkin pie flavor and texture, without all the sugar. Banana Ice CreamBanana Ice Cream – No need for an ice cream machine, no egg yolks, no coconut milk & no added sugar, thanks to the power of creamy bananas.
Halloween Apple MouthsHalloween Apple Mouths – A seriously scary, yet delicious Paleo Halloween treat. These apple creations are ready in no time. Strawberry ApplesauceStrawberry Applesauce – A delicious way to preserve the apple harvest, with some added flavor from fresh strawberries. Ambercup Coconut Milk DessertAmbercup Coconut Milk Dessert – A delicious and original take on Paleo dessert, with a creamy coconut filling inside a roasted squash. Chocolate Dipped ApplesChocolate Dipped Apples – One of the ultimate Halloween treats now has a Paleo-friendly version. A great match between apples and chocolate.
Apple Pie Baked ApplesApple Pie Baked Apples – Treat yourself to a taste of fall with these sweet baked “pies” that focus on the good stuff: the apples. Chocolate OrangesChocolate Oranges – Indulge your sweet tooth with these simple but delicious chocolate-coated orange slices. Almond and Coconut MacaroonsAlmond and Coconut Macaroons – Light, nutty, and just sweet enough to be delicious, these Paleo macaroons are a perfect treat to whip up just because. Mango Lime Gelatin GummiesMango Lime Gelatin Gummies – Have fun making and eating these healthy Paleo fruit treats. Perfect for kids and kids at heart.
Skillet Cherry JamSkillet Cherry Jam – You don’t need any special equipment to make this tasty cherry jam, just a big pile of fruit and a taste for something yummy. Coconut Macaroons With Lemon CurdCoconut Macaroons With Lemon Curd – For a refreshing lemony treat, try a bite of tangy lemon curd spooned into a coconut cookie. Frozen Easter EggsFrozen Easter Eggs – Do yourself one better than the chocolate junk-fest with these perky frozen eggs. Fried Honey BananaFried Honey Banana – Use this quick and delicious recipe to make dessert for one or for a crowd; it’s egg-free, nut-free, and autoimmune-friendly so everyone can enjoy.
Flourless BrowniesFlourless Brownies – Here’s a brownie recipe with a special spicy twist: read the recipe to see the secret ingredient. Broiled GrapefruitBroiled Grapefruit – A fresh new way to bring out the sweeter side of grapefruit without piling on a bunch of sugar. Chocolate Strawberry HeartsChocolate Strawberry Hearts – Sweeten up your Valentine’s day with a plate of these no-fuss Paleo treats that taste so much better than cheap sugar. Chocolate Kiwi PopsiclesChocolate Kiwi Popsicles – A juicy frozen dessert coated in dark chocolate and nibbled off a stick: if you like frozen bananas or strawberries, you’ll love these.
Sweet and Salty Chocolate BarkSweet and Salty Chocolate Bark – Try this healthy take on a “fruit and nut” chocolate bar. Pumpkin Banana BreadPumpkin Banana Bread – A loaf of this chewy, nutty banana bread will steal the show from any store-bought junk food. Apple ButterApple Butter – Naturally sweet, simple to cook, and delicious in everything from desserts to salad dressings. Homemade ApplesauceHomemade Applesauce – An applesauce recipe that blows away anything you can buy at the grocery store.
Banana Raisin CookiesBanana Raisin Cookies – Grain-free, Paleo-friendly cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Coconut Tapioca PuddingCoconut Tapioca Pudding – Creamy, satisfying, and easily customizable with your favorite fresh fruits. Berry CrumbleBerry Crumble – Crunchy on top, sweet in the middle, and delicious all the way down. Honey-Coated Walnuts and PeachesHoney-Coated Walnuts and Peaches – The proper way to treat yourself to some Paleo sweetness.
Chocolate Banana BoatsChocolate Banana Boats – An easy and nut-free Paleo treat that will curb any sweet cravings. Fruit Salad With Mint and LimeFruit Salad With Mint and Lime – Mint and lemon juice make this fresh fruit blend pop perfectly. Fruit PuddingFruit Pudding – Another fruity dessert recreated, paleo-style. Chunky Fruit PopsiclesChunky Fruit Popsicles – Refreshing treats prepared entirely with fruits.
Bite-Sized Chocolate TreatsBite-sized chocolate treats – A sweet chocolate indulgence. Almond and grape stuffed pearsAlmond and grape stuffed pears – A simple dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Peach butterPeach butter – A great way to prepare and preserve fresh and local peaches. Chocolate mousseCoffee-flavored chocolate mousse – A simple and delicious Paleo dessert option.
Coconut squaresCoconut squares – A delicious Paleo treat that’s perfect for the coconut fans. Chocolate avocado mousseChocolate avocado mousse with walnut crust – A rich and tasty Paleo treat. Chocolate puddingChocolate pudding – A special pudding recipe that makes for a delicious paleo dessert. Chocolate cranberry pieChocolate cranberry pie – A simple and delicious paleo dessert that will surely impress your guests.
Coconut ice creamCoconut vanilla ice cream – This recipe only uses Paleo ingredients to create a real ice cream that everybody will love and that just so happens to taste even better than commercial ice cream. Baked applesPaleo dessert: baked and fried apples – Sweet, rich, hot, buttery, … Everything is there for a delicious and simple Paleo dessert. Fruit Juice GelatinFruit Juice Gelatin – A quick and easily customizable Paleo dessert that actually has impressive health benefits, thanks to its gelatin content. Fruit CakeFruit Cake – A grain-free, alcohol-free recipe for the fruitcake lovers who want to stay Paleo but still get a taste of their favorite dessert.
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Bacon & Maple Syrup Waffles with Fried EggBacon & Maple Syrup Waffles with Fried Egg – A decadent Paleo breakfast treat that packs on flavor. Who said waffles were off limits? Orange And Cranberry RelishOrange And Cranberry Relish – This cheerful relish isn't just for fall and winter! Try it with grilled meat and see how you like it.
Pink Grapefruit LemonadePink Grapefruit Lemonade – A refreshing summertime drink with grapefruits and lemons. A great way to quench your thirst with something healthy. Blueberry-Peach SalsaBlueberry-Peach Salsa – Add some color and flavor to just about anything with this sweet fresh salsa. Peach And Raspberry LemonadePeach And Raspberry Lemonade – A refreshing fruity lemonade to cool off with on a hot afternoon – try it as an alternative to powdered drink mixes! Hazelnut Pancakes With Blood Orange SauceHazelnut Pancakes With Blood Orange Sauce – Treat yourself for a lazy Sunday breakfast with these amazing pancakes from the Eat Drink Paleo cookbook.
Strawberry-Kiwi Mojito SmoothieStrawberry-Kiwi Mojito Smoothie – A colorful fruit smoothie that you can choose to make with or without alcohol. Chocolate Avocado Strawberry SmoothieChocolate Avocado Strawberry Smoothie – A delicious fruity, chocolate-y treat to keep you cool on a hot day. Frozen Coconut Strawberry DrinkFrozen Coconut Strawberry Drink – A healthy take on chocolate-covered strawberries that tastes as good as it looks! (alcohol optional) Pomegranate Green TeaPomegranate Green Tea – A homemade recipe for adding some special flavor to your tea.
Coconut Milk Hot ChocolateCoconut Milk Hot Chocolate – Winter is the perfect excuse to cozy up with a cup of this warm and creamy hot chocolate. Chunky Apple KetchupChunky Apple Ketchup – Change up your ketchup habit with this tasty recipe for something just a little bit different. Spaghetti Squash with Creamy Mushroom SauceSpaghetti Squash with Creamy Mushroom Sauce – A flavor-packed mushroom sauce served over a big pile of Paleo noodles: enjoy it as a side dish or add some protein for a main course. Fire-Roasted SalsaFire-Roasted Salsa – A fiery and flavorful salsa featuring ripe tomatoes and plenty of spice.
Frozen Chocolate SmoothieFrozen Chocolate Smoothie – Cool down on a hot day with this creamy and delicious chocolate-hazelnut smoothie. Cinnamon and Apple WafflesCinnamon and Apple Waffles – It’s time to get your waffle iron out and cook up some of those sweet apple and cinnamon treats. Flourless Banana PancakesFlourless Banana Pancakes – A nut-free, flourless Paleo pancake recipe to enjoy for a special breakfast or brunch. Fresh Fruit PopsFresh Fruit Pops – Cool off on a hot day with these quick and tasty frozen treats – kids will love them, but make enough for the grown-ups, too.
Mayonnaise, RevisitedMayonnaise, Revisited – Mayonnaise is so popular, tasty and versatile that we can’t avoid to revisit how simple it is to prepare at home with healthy ingredients. Watermelon Sports DrinkWatermelon Sports Drink – Rehydrate after a sweaty day outdoors or a hot summer workout with this delicious and electrolyte-rich Paleo recovery fuel. Frozen Coconut LimeadeFrozen Coconut Limeade – Pep up any summer party with this delicious and refreshing Paleo drink (alcohol optional). Coconut Strawberry LemonadeCoconut Strawberry Lemonade – Cool off on a hot afternoon or recover after a summer workout with this easy and delicious lemonade.
Cauliflower TortillasCauliflower Tortillas – A quick and versatile flourless Paleo tortilla to try with everything you’d otherwise stuff into a wrap. Melon SalsaMelon Salsa – This light and fresh melon salsa is a tasty summer topping for burgers, fish, or anything else that could use a little crunch. Portobello PizzaPortobello Pizza – If you’re not big on nut-based pizza crusts, try out these easy and satisfying personal pizzas, each baked inside a meaty Portobello cap. Carrot Cake PancakesCarrot Cake Pancakes – Celebrate a special breakfast in style with these rich, flavorful carrot-cake pancakes.
Hot Skillet PizzaHot Skillet Pizza – Pizza night at the Paleo table! Check out this kid-friendly recipe for delicious nut-free Paleo pizza just waiting for your favorite toppings. Cranberry RelishCranberry Relish – Pep up your poultry with this sweet-tart relish. Fresh Herbs In Olive OilFresh Herbs In Olive Oil – A simple method to keep your herbs fresh all year long. Lemon Mint Iced TeaLemon Mint Iced Tea – A great and guilt-free way to enjoy iced tea on a hot summer day.
Raspberry-Lime Flavored WaterRaspberry-Lime Flavored Water – A great Paleo drink option that’s both healthy and very refreshing. Assorted Buffet Rolled SandwichesAssorted Buffet Rolled Sandwiches – A great party food option, these Paleo sandwiches will impress any guest. Sardine and garlic spreadSardine and roasted garlic spread – A simple and tasty Paleo spread that’s also very nutritious. Herb SconesHerb Scones – These scones are great to absorb the leftover liquids in your Paleo meals.
Marinated beetsMarinated beets – A delicious preserve that can be enjoyed as a side to almost any dish. Lemonade with thymeFresh lemonade with thyme – A very simple lemonade that makes for the perfect summer Ricotta cheeseRicotta cheese – A very simple way to prepare fresh ricotta cheese. Yes, it contains dairy, read on to get an explanation. Asparagus PestoAsparagus pesto – A great variation on the original basil pesto.
Strawberry balsamic vinaigrette – A simple, fresh and fruity vinaigrette. Strawberry rhubarb lemonade – A refreshing and delicious Paleo drink. Paleo Easter MenuPaleo Easter menu – A simple Paleo menu for the perfect Easter feast. Paleo guacamoleGuacamole with radish and oranges – A great twist on your traditional guacamole.
Paleo Super Bowl RecipesPaleo Super Bowl Recipes – Three simple recipes that will satisfy any sports fan. Paleo pizzaPaleo pizza – A simple pizza that will taste even better than the ones you used to enjoy. Paleo breakfastPaleo breakfast ideas – Not recipes, but simple ideas that can help you get over your morning easily. Red pepper dipRed Pepper Dip – A simple paleo recipe for a dip that’s great with veggies for a quick snack.
Creamy mushroom stewCreamy mushroom stew – Comfort food made simple, this hearty stew will be ready in no time. Lacto-fermentationFermented food recipes [Recipe collection] – A quick guide on lacto-fermentation along with some great recipes. Paleo condimentsHomemade Paleo condiments [Recipe collection] – Simple and flavorful recipes for ketchup, mustard, relish, horseradish, BBQ sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Paleo thanksgivingPaleo thanksgiving recipes [Recipe collection] – A complete menu to create a thanksgiving feast that everybody will remember. Turkey, cranberry cause, stuffing, sides, appetizers, dessert,… Everything is included.
Quick meal ideasQuick Paleo meals [Recipe collection] – A roundup of 10 quick and simple paleo recipes requiring minimal involvement or ingredients. Perfect when you’re in a rush or simply don’t feel like cooking. A paleo HalloweenPaleo Halloween Recipes [Recipe collection] – A roundup of 9 creepy and creative Halloween recipes, from snacks to soups to main Halloween meals, everything is covered to get great food on this sugar gathering day. Stir-fry roundupQuick and easy paleo stir-fries [Recipe collection] – A roundup of 10 delicious and quick to prepare stir-fries featuring all kinds of great ingredients. Salad dressingsSalad dressing and vinaigrettes [Recipe collection] – A nice roundup of 10 classic and original salad dressings and vinaigrettes..
Homemade pestoHomemade Pesto – When you have plenty of fresh basil available, it’s time to make a huge batch of delicious pesto. So simple to make and you can freeze some of it for later use. Paleo Baba GhanoushBaba Ghanoush – This healthy Arabic dip will remind you of hummus, but uses eggplants instead of chickpeas so you can enjoy it without guilt. Paleo mayonnaisePaleo Mayonnaise – Eating paleo is no reason to cut mayonnaise, but a reason to make the right kind yourself, with animal fat! Enjoy duckonnaise, baconnaise or beefonnaise. Homemade yogurtHomemade yogurt – Even though everybody agrees that dairy is in a grey zone, those who decide to enjoy it can make this simple recipe at home with any special kitchen equipment and enjoy a tangy intake on probiotics.
Salsa verdeMexican Salsa verde – A Mexican traditional green sauce to use as a dip or on meat and fish with spiciness and tang. GuacamoleQuick and Easy Guacamole– This simple and easy to make dip will please even the most picky. Homemade FalafelHomemade Falafel – Craving Middle Eastern food? Better make a double batch of these crispy snacks: they’ll be gone before you know it. Sriracha SauceSriracha Sauce– Paleo sriracha sauce livens up anything you cook with a healthy version of the famously spice-heavy “rooster sauce.”
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Cooking tips

Easy Pressure Cooker StockEasy Pressure Cooker Stock – Prepare stock from any bones in no time using a pressure cooker. In this case, we made a delicious turkey stock. A Guide To SaltsA Guide To Salts – Get fancy with your Paleo cooking by choosing the right kind of salt. The Perfect Hard Boiled EggThe Perfect Hard Boiled Egg – An easy visual chart to perfect hard boiled eggs. Perfect to use as reference.
What to eat, what to avoidWhat to eat, what to avoid – What you should and shouldn’t eat on a Paleo diet. ChestnutsEat this: Chestnuts – Discover about this starchy nut and how to enjoy it. Meal planPaleo Meal Plan – A sample 14 days of paleo eating including three meals and a snack every day with links to the recipe. Paleo food listPaleo diet food list – List all the foods that you could include in your weekly grocery shopping.
Sauteed mushroomsFreezer-ready sauteed mushrooms – A simple recipe to prepare and freeze-up some delicious mushrooms. Cooking with cast ironCooking with cast iron – The health benefits and tips on how to cook with this durable cookware. Herb gardenGrowing your own herb garden – A paleo diet is all about eating the food from nature and being close to our food. What better way than to grow your own delicious fresh herbs. Scrambled eggsMaking great scrambled eggs – A simple technique to prepare the perfect breakfast of fluffy and tasty scrambled eggs.
Rendering fatRendering fat – Learn how to simply turn hard pieces of fatty tissue into pure, nice and creamy fat to use for all your cooking needs. Cooking the perfect steakThe Art of Cooking Steak – Learn how to easily cook the perfect steak. ButterMaking Clarified Butter – Learn how to prepare that delicious golden liquid. Choosing meatChoosing and cooking meat – Know what to look for at your butcher and also learn about the different cooking methods suited for different cuts of meat.
Cooking with stainless-steelCooking with stainless steel – Your food often ends up sticking in the pan? There is an easy trick to prevent that. Meat cutsBeef, pork and lamb cuts – They will help you the next time you choose your meat at the butcher. Bone brothMaking bone stock – Recipe to prepare the delicious liquid to use in soups, sauces and stews. Animal fatPaleo fats – Learn about the good fats and how to use them.
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