Paleo breakfast ideas

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Paleo breakfast ideas

Sometimes, it’s not a question of having recipes around, but more a question of ideas to twist things up a bit and break the morning monotony. I think breakfast is the trickiest meal of the day, mainly because we’re so used to eat high carb breakfasts. It’s funny almost every north american end up a fast of 8 to 12 hours by a big carbohydrate spike with either toasts with gelly, cereals and pancakes and then wonder why they’re sluggish the whole morning. Well, ok, it has to do with sleep too, but diet is a big part of it.

I’m throwing up some Paleo breakfast ideas here to maybe help you do things differently tomorrow morning.


Eggs are a breakfast classic even for the non-Paleo dieter. The trick here to introduce diversity is to prepare them in different ways. Here are some ideas: scrambled eggs, poached eggs, oven baked eggs, omelets, hard boiled eggs, egg salad with home made Paleo mayonaise or simply eggs in the pan.

For omelets, you can do almost whatever you want. I like to just throw any vegetable I have under my reach. Ham, bacon and spinach are classics. Sometimes it gets very bulky and transform itself into a fritatta, but who cares about the traditional French omelet other than chefs! Those omelets make an excellent paleo breakfast

Piece of fruit or fruit smoothie

Paleo breakfast smoothieIf you absolutely need you carbs in the morning, no problem, simply have a piece of fruit or fruit smoothie. Berries are excellent and the fruits to prefer in my opinion on the Paleo diet due to their huge load of anti-oxidant. If you allow heavy cream in your diet, you can eat those fruits with a bit of it for extra richness.

Smoothies are easy and fast. You can take them with you and drink them in the car if you’re in a rush. Use a base of ice cubes and add some fruits and maybe even some nut butter or use a base of coconut milk for an extra rich and satisfying breakfast.


For those who don’t like a heavy breakfast, a simple salad will do the job just fine. You can prepare a big bowl of your favorite salad and have your breakfast waiting for you. Think of adding nuts, olives or avocado for a twist on the old boring salad. A delicious dressing of olive oil and lemon juice  will do the job just fine.


Nothing forces you to end your fast right away! If you don’t feel like eating, maybe you shouldn’t. After all, long fasting periods have been part of the human evolution for very, very long. We wouldn’t have survived a long time as a specie of our bodies didn’t find a way to optimize periods of fasting. In fact, providing you eat a good Paleo diet, intermittent fasting here and there will only help down regulate insulin production and therefore help you live a longer, leaner life.


Who says those leftovers can’t be appreciated in the morning. For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big steak, a stir fry or a stew, if I feel like it, I’ll have it.

The All American bacon and eggs

Provided you don’t include the baked potatoes and baked beans, this English and American classic can be enjoy without feeling bad. Choose organic free range eggs and nitrite and sugar free bacon coming from a humanly raised pork and don’t be scared to eat this delicious lard! I like to cook my bacon beforehand, then cooking my eggs in the bacon fat that’s in the pan. That makes for a proper breakfast!

You can easily substitute the bacon for sausages or ham if you have access to  good quality.

Hoping this helped give you some ideas to make your morning something to look up to.

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