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Morning Paleo Smoothie

Paleo smoothie

In my Paleo Breakfast Ideas article, one of my recommendations was a smoothie made out of a base of either crushed ice or coconut milk. I know for a lot of people smoothies are a no-brainer, but I’m sure that having a more specific recipe will help a lot of people make the best concoctions and also give some new ideas to try out.

I call the smoothie I make the power smoothie simply because it’s packed with good fats, proteins, antioxidants and flavor and is also very satisfying and will keep you going for hours.

I won’t give you a recipe that’s too specific here because the possibilities are too plentiful to limit ourselves, but I’ll tell you general things I like to put in it.

Morning Paleo Smoothie Recipe

  1. Start with a base of coconut milk, I usually use a whole can.
  2. Add plenty of any fruit you’d like. I like to use frozen berries. I use either mixed berries, strawberries, blackberries or even cranberries, which give a very tangy taste to my smoothie. The berries add lots of great color to the smoothie and provide lots of beneficial antioxidants.
  3. Add one or two whole raw egg yolks. I wouldn’t worry about having raw egg yolks especially if you use free range, naturally fed and organic eggs. The taste will not bother you either, it passes completely under the radar. I just put in the eggs for extra fat and nutrients. I avoid consuming raw egg whites as they can cause biotin deficiency when consumed over a long period of time.
  4. Optionally add one or two spoonfuls of your favorite nut butter. The taste will be really subtle in your final smoothie, but it will still be there as a nice aftertaste.
  5. I like to put in a good dose or pure vanilla extract to finish this flavor explosion.

Here you go! You can see that this is a pretty simple recipe, but it’s intended that way. Whether you’re on your way for your daily activities or to hit the gym, you probably don’t have time for elaborate concoctions, so I think this simple smoothie will bring everything you need for your taste buds as well as your health.

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