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4 Medicinal and Edible Mushroom Species, Evaluated

Medicinal mushrooms are a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, and they’re often attractive to people who are trying to be...


Should You Try the Carnivore Diet?

If you’re not familiar with the carnivore diet, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: a diet of only...


What to Do When You’re Not Motivated to Stick With Paleo or Keto

Did you have endless motivation when you first started on Paleo or keto, but somehow that energy fizzled out and...


How to Get Off Soda

If you regularly drink full-sugar soda, getting out of that habit is one of the simplest ways to improve the...

Containers for Paleo leftovers

5 Tips for Paleo/Keto Meal Prep: Salad Edition

Prepping meals in advance is a time-honored trick for sticking to any kind of healthy eating plan. It’s basically like...

6 Reasons Paleo and Keto Cooks should Start an Herb Garden

Fresh herbs put a bit more life into any kind of recipe – there’s something about a fragrant sprig of...

Keto for Women

Quite a few studies in both men and women have shown that healthy adults can use keto for weight loss...

Health benefits of spices

Paleo Foods: Nutritional Yeast

As we hunker down into the winter season, everyone is craving rich comfort food – Mac and cheese, chili, hearty...

Paleo Holiday Season

8 Delicious Options for Paleo and Keto Holiday Party Snacks

Do you eat Paleo or keto and still want to have a social life where you get to throw parties...


Lauric Acid: 6 Things to Know

Ever wonder what makes coconut oil so great? One of the reasons is a particular type of fat: lauric acid....

15 Paleo/Keto Gifts for Every Budget

Got a friend or loved one who’s really into Paleo or trying keto for the first time? Don’t know what...


Paleo (And Keto!) Foods: Pili Nuts

Maybe you’ve seen them around, or maybe you’ve been advised to eat them yourself. You might have already tried them...

Protein powder

7 Collagen Protein Powders, Taste-Tested and Reviewed

If you’re confused about collagen protein, you’re not alone – it’s popping up everywhere and it seems to be in...


7 Paleo and Gluten-Free Breadcrumb Substitutes

From chicken nuggets to tater tots, everyone needs a crunchy crust every now and again. And breadcrumbs also have other...

Snack foods

The “Toddler Food” Aisle: A Paleo Take

It’s hard enough to eat Paleo as adults – but getting a toddler to do it? Really? Maybe 0.1% of...

Paleo traveling

5 Tips for Staying Paleo on Vacation

At least one study has shown that people tend to gain weight on vacations – and that’s adults who take...

Coconut milk

How to Cook with Coconut Milk

Dairy can be keto-friendly and it’s a Paleo gray area, but there are a lot of people who just feel...

Winter squash

7 Tips for Easy, Hassle-Free Paleo Winter Vegetables

It’s the season of a thousand delicious squashes at the farmer’s market and heaps of sweet potatoes everywhere you look....

Meal planning

When “There’s Nothing I can do:” 3 Actionable Ways to Stop Feeling Helpless

“I’ve tried to stop binging so many times and I always fail. I’m never going to be able to eat...

Starchy foods

Does Keto Reduce Insulin Sensitivity and Carb Tolerance?

If you eat keto, will you actually lose your ability to handle carbs? What if you want to go back...

Paleo and Stress

Paleo Plan B: 4 Backup Guidelines for When Life Gets Overwhelming

It’s so common for people to be eating Paleo and loving it until their mom goes  into the hospital or...

Cramps: SOS

Food Allergies and Digestive Issues that Start in Adulthood: What Gives?

If you suddenly started having problems with specific foods – or with what seems like every food – as an...

Wheat caution

4 Tips for Saving Money on a Gluten-Free Diet

The first time a gluten-free newbie picks up a loaf of gluten-free bread and looks at the price tag, there’s...

weight loss

Paleo or Keto for Pre-Wedding Weight Loss: Does it Work?

According to that repository of all our secret fantasies and fears, Google Trends, “Lose weight for wedding” easily beats out...

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