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4 Paleo and Keto Breakfasts That are More Nutritious than Oatmeal

Oats have a reputation as “health food,” but have you ever actually looked up the nutrition facts on oatmeal? The...


Intermittent Fasting and Workouts

Are you a gym rat who’s nervous about how intermittent fasting will affect your workouts? Or the opposite, an intermittent...


Gluten-Free Keto: 5 Reasons to Cut Gluten From Your Keto Diet

Some people go Paleo first and then move towards keto. But other people start with keto, and then gradually get...

Paleo Substitutions

Why People Eat When They Aren’t Hungry (And How to Stop)

Maybe you’ve felt it: the irresistible pull towards the cookies that you know are sitting in the cupboard. That zombie...

Paleo Questions

6 Common Myths About Keto…Busted!

Are you thinking about starting keto, but everyone is constantly repeating how unhealthy it is? Or maybe you’re not even...

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Do I need to be in ketosis all the time?

One of the common fears in the keto community is being “kicked out of ketosis.” If nothing else, the adaptation...

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4 Tips to Optimize Keto for Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit of keto, but it’s a major attraction for a lot of folks, and that’s...

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Stronger Digestion and Better Metabolic Health Through…Bile Acid?

You need it to digest fat and absorb fat-soluble vitamins. It “talks” to your gut bacteria constantly and it’s likely...

Building a Paleo meal

Only Paleo Eater in the House? 6 Meals that Work for a Mixed Crowd

Paleo is already a lot of cooking – who wants to cook twice? But what else can you do if...

Keto, Fasting, and Chronic Pain

About 1 in 5 people in the US has some kind of chronic pain – that includes any kind of...

Myths and questions

3 Lifestyle Factors that Affect Cholesterol Levels

We’ve covered the topic of diet and cholesterol several times – dietary cholesterol doesn’t have a huge effect on blood...


Stress Eating and How to Prevent it: The Paleo Take

Stress eating: a lot of research has found that chronic stress really does increase cravings for junk food. That’s one...

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Will I be Deficient in Anything on Low-Carb? 5 Vitamins and Minerals to Watch on a Low-Carb/Paleo Diet

Most low-carb Paleo meals involve a plate at least half-full of vegetables, which tends cut down on the concern about...

Dairy and Paleo

Lactose Intolerance and Paleo: Can you Still Have Dairy?

“You’re lactose intolerant” can be hard to hear, especially if you love all things cheese and yogurt. In people who...

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7 Steps to Planning a Paleo Food Budget (Beginner-friendly!)

Food budgeting: it’s nobody’s idea of a fun Friday night, but it doesn’t have to be that bad! Here’s a...

Avoiding grains

Carb Blockers for Paleo and Keto Diets: Do they work? Are they safe?

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s all in the name: carb blockers are supposed to stop the carbs...

Weight Gain

5 NEAT Paleo Tips for Burning Calories Like a Thin Person

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, basically means burning calories while doing anything other than a workout – think washing dishes, cooking, hauling...

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Paleo and Keto: How Much Fat is Too Much? How Much is Enough?

Way too many explanations of Paleo and keto diets are jam-packed with: Complicated technical terms (Omega-6 PUFA! Stearic acid! Adipose...


8 Kinds of Cheese for Keto/Low-Carb Diets

Not all people on keto diets eat cheese – and that’s totally fine! If you can’t tolerate dairy, here are...

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How to Read Nutrition Labels for Paleo/Keto Diets

They’re long and complicated and full of numbers: for people who don’t already know a lot about nutrition, those black-and-white...


4 Lesser-Known Causes of Constipation – Even on a Paleo or Keto Diet

“Eat more fiber” and “drink more water” are the two pieces of advice everyone always gets for constipation – and...

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Food Additives, Weight Gain, and your Gut

“Food additives” is an incredibly general term – as a rough definition: a food additive is something added to food...

5 Lesser-Known Tips for Hunger-Free Paleo Weight Loss

Ask anyone how to avoid hunger while you’re on a diet and they’ll tell you to eat more fiber, eat...


Going Gluten-Free for Digestive Symptoms

From upper digestive issues (dyspepsia, heartburn, etc.) to problems lower down in the gut (bloating, gas, constipation/diarrhea), there’s actually quite...

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