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FODMAPs Food List


FODMAPs carbohydrates are basically several different types of fiber that can upset your digestive system: if you’re having trouble with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive upsets, FODMAPs elimination is a great first step in your troubleshooting.

On a low-FODMAPs diet, you should avoid:






People who are extremely sensitive to FODMAPs may also need to avoid some additional foods that contain fewer FODMAPs carbohydrates; a great list including these foods is here. The list is pretty long, so read it over a couple times to get your bearings, and then check out the tips below for cooking low-FODMAPs recipes without losing your mind.

Cooking on a low-FODMAPs diet

There are two parts to this section. Part 1 has recipes that are low-FODMAPs exactly as written. Part 2 has some strategic substitutions for onions and garlic, to help you modify recipes without losing flavor.

Part 1: low-FODMAPs Paleo recipes

On this list, recipes without a * use only ingredients that are considered totally safe. Recipes with a * also include ingredients that are considered safe in small amounts. If you’re extremely sensitive to FODMAPs, then avoid the recipes marked with the *, but most people should be fine with them.

Main courses

Salads and sides

Snacks, desserts and others

Part 2: Onion and garlic substitutions

Onions and garlic are often the only things that stand between a delicious dinner and a low-FODMAPs diet. Unfortunately, these common ingredients are also some of the worst offenders where FODMAPs are concerned, so even just a little is often dangerous. But now comes the good news: you can still get the same taste! You just have to get a little creative. Two great strategies include:

Below are some recipes where you could use these substitutions to good effect. In general, if you just want the flavor (as in a marinade), the infused oils are the best choice; if you want the texture as well, go for the asafetida and celery.

Infused oils

Asafetida and Celery

Another tip is that if you’re using leeks or scallions, it’s perfectly safe to use just the green tops, since all the FODMAPs are in the bulb. So for example, in the tuna burger recipe or for lomi lomi salmon, you can prepare it exactly as written but just make sure to use only the tops of the scallions.

Hopefully this collection of recipes is helpful to anyone trying a low-FODMAPs diet or even just a 30-day elimination. Reducing FODMAPs in your diet doesn’t mean you have to do without delicious food!

Here’s the FODMAPs food list in an infographic format, for your reference:

FODMAPs food list infographic

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