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10 One-Ingredient Wonders to Jazz Up your Eggs


Bored of eggs but love the convenience of a quick omelet or frittata in the morning? You can get a lot more mileage out of your convenience meals with just a few seconds of extra time with the right spices and seasonings!

Here’s a list of 10 ways to add punch to your omelets, frittatas, and quiches with just one more ingredient. It only takes 10 seconds to throw in the pan, and the result tastes almost like a whole new dish.

1. Za’atar

What is it? Za’atar is a spice blend familiar from Middle Eastern foods. It has a pleasantly earthy or woodsy flavor with a slight tang, so it’s delicious with the richer flavor of eggs. You can buy it pre-mixed, or get a recipe here (just ignore the chicken and go straight for the spice mix).

How to use it: beat it into eggs for an omelet or frittata, or sprinkle over fried eggs just like you would salt or pepper.

If you like that, try…ras el hanout (another spice blend; you can find instructions in this recipe)

2. Thyme

What is it? Thyme is an herb that adds a very sweet, pleasant taste to eggs without being overwhelming.

How to use it: Toss one pinch of dried thyme per 2-3 eggs into the pan along with your salt and pepper:

If you like that, try…rosemary, tarragon, oregano, chives, or herbes de provence. There’s a whole world out there beyond salt and pepper!

3. Sriracha

What is it? Sriracha is a famously spicy hot sauce that goes pretty well with just about everything. Since eggs are so mild by themselves, the spicy hot sauce really gives them a special zip – it’s great for waking up in the morning. You can get a recipe for Paleo sriracha here.

How to use it: Beat it into scrambled eggs, or drizzle over an omelet or frittata.

If you like that, try…chili powder and/or paprika

(and a bonus tip: if you love your sriracha and want to make big batches to stock up, just freeze the rest in an ice-cube mold and then pop out the cubes so you have quick single-serving portions when you want them).

4. Garam masala

What is it? Garam masala is an Indian spice blend. It typically includes turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, and cardamom. You can buy it pre-mixed or mix your own. It has a delicious earthy warmth to it – it’s not mouth-searingly hot, but it’s not a flavor you ignore, either.

How to use it: beat it into eggs for an omelet or frittata, or sprinkle over fried eggs.

If you like that, try…just a little bit of hot pickle or chutney folded into an omelet.Garam Masala

5. Salsa verde

What is it? Salsa verde is a spicy Mexican creation made with tomatillos – those little green things next to the tomatoes in the grocery store. There’s a recipe here.

How to use it: Beat it into scrambled eggs, or drizzle over an omelet or frittata.

If you like that, try…chimichurri

6. Pesto

What is it? Pesto is a topping made from ground nuts and herbs with olive oil. It’s rich and herbal, great for turning ordinary eggs into a truly decadent treat. There’s a recipe here if you can’t find a Paleo-friendly brand at the store.

How to use it: Fold it into an omelet or just throw a little into the pan with your scrambled eggs.

If you like that, try…asparagus pesto.

7. Gremolata

What is it? Gremolata (also spelled gremolada) is a condiment made with grated lemon zest, chopped garlic, and parsley. It’s a classic ingredient in Mediterranean food, where it adds a bright, tangy flavor to everything from fish to beef. If you’re missing the citrus flavor of orange juice in the morning, gremolata in an omelet might be a perfect alternative. You can find a recipe here.

How to use it: Fold it into an omelet or use it as a garnish after the eggs leave the pan.

If you like that, try…cranberry sauce (no, really! Just try it!)

8. Roasted garlicgarlic-s2

What is it? Roasting garlic tones down the pungency and turns each clove of garlic into an irresistible spread to smear on just about anything. You can get instructions for roasting garlic here (just ignore the rest of the instructions about adding sardines).

How to use it: add to egg muffins or frittatas, or serve on the side of an omelet. You can make the garlic ahead of time: roast some up for whatever else you want, and then use any leftovers in your eggs.

If you like that, try…herb butter or herb-infused oils for cooking.

9. Prosciutto

What is it? Prosciutto is a type of cured meat. It’s got that trademark salty-smoky-fatty appeal going for it in spades – like bacon, but a little more sophisticated. You can find it in stores with the salami and other cured meats.

How to use it: fold it into an omelet, or chop it into thin strips and add to a frittata.

If you like that, try…smoked salmon, or any other cured meat.

10. Kimchi

What is it? Kimchi is a spicy Asian condiment made of pickled cabbage. It’s a probiotic food, so it’s very healthy for your gut flora, and you can usually find a Paleo-friendly brand at the store if you’re not into home fermentation projects.

How to use it: serve on top of an omelet or frittata, or on the side of a plate of scrambled eggs. Some people like it heated to the same temperature as the eggs; other people eat it cold and enjoy the temperature contrast.

If you like that, try…pickled onions.

What’s your favorite omelet flavoring? Have you ever made anything that sounded weird but turned out delicious? Let us know on Facebook or Google+!

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