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10 Recipes to Keep Ground Beef Interesting

Ground beef

It’s a kitchen workhorse. It’s often the cheapest cut of beef available, so most of us end up buying a lot of it. But making the same chili, meatball, meatloaf, and burger recipes gets old after a while – and there’s no reason you need to keep doing the same old things with such a versatile food! So here are 10 interesting recipes to keep ground beef from getting dull.

1. Karniyarik (Turkish stuffed eggplant) (The Domestic Man). Sure, you’ve had stuffed peppers (if you’ve been on the ground beef train for a while, you’ve probably had every conceivable variety of stuffed pepper in existence). But have you tried stuffing anything else?

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2. Indian ground beef curry (My Heart Beets). It’s a little bit like chili, if chili got an Indian-themed makeover. Adding potatoes makes for a hearty meal, and don’t forget some cauliflower rice to soak up the sauce!

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3. Ground Beef and Baba Ghanouj Breakfast Bowl (The Healthy Foodie). Ground beef gets a Middle Eastern makeover with a smoky eggplant dip and fresh tomatoes. And eating it for breakfast is a nice change of pace from eggs.

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4. Moroccan Beef and Fig Stew (Things My Belly Likes). Get some sweetness in your ground beef with a big bowl of stew full of North African flavors.

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5. Bakso (Indonesian Beef Balls) (The Clothes Make the Girl). These have a different texture from typical ground beef recipes, so if you’re suffering from texture fatigue, they’re a great alternative.

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6. Chili, Coriander, and Sweet Potato Biohacker Beef Sausage (Biohackers Recipes). Whether or not you’re into biohacking, you have to admire their dedication to spices. From a biohacker perspective, the spices all have special antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits; to the rest of us, they’re just plain tasty.

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7. Pumpkin and Beef Sautee (Keto Diet).

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8. Boston Baked Beef (TGI Paleo). Yes, like Boston baked beans. Except hold the beans. If you’re missing pork’n’beans or any other legume-based comfort food, this one is a must-try.

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9. Salted Mocha Burgers (Popular Paleo). Burgers: they don’t all have to taste the same! There are endless ways to get creative with the flavors – if you’ve never considered putting coffee in a hamburger before, you might be surprised by how much you like it!

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Aussie burger

10. Cashew Beef Stir-Fry (Paleo Foodie Kitchen). Adding nuts to your stir-fry mixes up the texture with a little bit of crunch and takes it beyond the typical rotation of meat and vegetables.

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