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20 Paleo Football Season Appetizers & Snacks

20 Football Season Appetizers & Snacks

Win big on game day be serving up finger-food favorites like chicken wings, jalapeno poppers and guacamole! Wow your guests with these tasty, mouth-watering appetizers and snacks. Sure, everyone loves a good game, but finger-licking appetizers brings home the win!

Maple Glazed Chorizo Jalapeno Poppers

Maple Glazed Chorizo Jalapeno Poppers – by Wicked Spatula

Jalapeno poppers stuffed with chorizo and bacon, and finished off with a maple mustard glaze.

Smashed Plantain Pulled Pork Sliders

Smashed Plantain Pulled Pork Sliders – by Real Simple Good

A pulled pork slider piled high between fried plantain buns.

Paleo Fish Sticks

Paleo Fish Sticks – by Anya’s Eats

Ditch the frozen fish sticks and dip these sticks into a homemade ketchup!

Tostones with Mango Salsa and Cilantro Chimichurri

Tostones with Mango Salsa and Cilantro Chimichurri – by Get Inspired Everyday

Crispy tostones topped with mango salsa and dripping with sweet juices and zesty cilantro chimichurri.

Savory Breakfast Meatballs

Savory Breakfast Meatballs – by I Heart Umami

When game days start early, serve up these savory breakfast meatballs!

Mini Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Mini Pepperoni Pizza Bites – by Paleo Leap

Try these flavor-packed pepperoni cups for your next Sunday football party.

Sweet Potato Nacho Cheese Dip

Sweet Potato Nacho Cheese Dip – by My Heart Beets

A dairy-free, nut-free savory “cheese” dip!

Baked Buffalo Wings

Baked Buffalo Wings – by Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

A classic appetizer favorite — buffalo chicken wings dipped in ranch!

Paleo Buffalo Ranch Dip

Paleo Buffalo Ranch Dip – by Plaid And Paleo

A game day appetizer combining 2 favorite flavors: ranch dip and buffalo wings. Serve with your favorite gluten-free crackers or veggies.

Paleo Baked Blooming Onions

Paleo Baked Blooming Onions – by Wicked Spatula

A crunchy appetizer served with a spicy horseradish sauce.

Elk Meatballs with Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Elk Meatballs with Sweet & Spicy Sauce – by Real Simple Good

Try these elk meatballs paired with a sweet and spicy sauce for dipping.

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs – by Anya’s Eats

Chiptole-filled deviled eggs makes for a savory addition to any game day!

Crispy Chicken Wings

Crispy Chicken Wings – by I Heart Umami

Impress the sports fans in your life with these crispy and addictive chicken wings.

Bacon-Wrapped Potato Wedges

Bacon-Wrapped Potato Wedges – by A Calculated Whisk

A perfect football food — bacon-wrapped up in potato wedges!

Mango Madness Guacamole

Mango Madness Guacamole – by Get Inspired Everyday

Chunks of mango turn this guacamole into a sweet dip.

Tahini-Glazed Chicken Wings

Tahini-Glazed Chicken Wings – by A Calculated Whisk

Dive into these twice-baked tahini chicken wings with a sweet and savory glaze.

Paleo Samosa

Paleo Samosa – by My Heart Beets

Bake up these triangular samosas and don’t forget to fill it up with a creamy, spice-infused filling.

Paleo Corn Dog Muffins

Paleo Corn Dog Muffins – by Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

A healthy spin on corndogs made with buttery corn-less bread and quality hot dogs.

Paleo Plantain Crisps

Paleo Plantain Crisps – by Pure and Simple Nourishment

A starchy, sweet crisp perfect for your favorite dip or guacamole!

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs- by Paleo Leap

Buffalo chicken without the mess of wings: perfect for entertaining on game day.