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Paleo Diet Foods


Paleo Foods: Carrots

Carrots are crunchy, nutrient-dense, and affordable: they make great snacks, but you can also dress them up for a fancy...

Paleo foods: zucchini

Paleo Foods: Zucchini

Zucchini might not be the most nutrient-dense vegetable out there, but it’s a winner for versatility, and it’s easy on...


Paleo Foods: Asparagus

You know you’re edging out of spring and into summer when huge bunches of asparagus start showing up at the...


Paleo Foods: Duck

When it comes to Paleo nutrition, duck is almost as good as it gets. It has more fat than chicken...


Paleo Foods: Kale

Kale is apparently old news at this point. Cauliflower is the new kale. Or maybe it’s collards. Or kelp. But...


Paleo Foods: Cranberries

Cranberries are a traditional addition to the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, mostly because they’re seasonal and delicious, and the bright...

Olive oil

Paleo Foods: Olives

Olive oil is one thing – it’s an essential flavor for any well-stocked kitchen, and the health benefits are so...


Paleo Foods: Berries

Berries are often hyped up as superfoods in the headlines you see at the checkout counter, and they get a...

Beef heart

Paleo Foods: Heart

Game of Thrones might be great TV, but watching Daenerys choke down a raw stallion heart with blood dripping down...

Macadamia nut

Paleo Foods: Macadamia Nuts

On Paleo, nuts are a gray area. They’re convenient and they’re tasty, but they’re not the healthiest thing you could...


Paleo Foods: Duck Eggs

Imagine a perfect egg cooked medium-hard: a soft and creamy yolk just bordering on runny, delicious with a grind of...


Paleo Foods: Brassicas (and not Just the Ones you Know)

What if you could get a giant dose of vitamins, minerals, and anticancer phyotchemicals, in any one of several different...

Fermented pickles

Paleo Foods: Probiotic Foods

Quick, spot the similarity: yogurt, sauerkraut, and pickles. If you said “tangy,” you weren’t wrong, but they’re all tangy for...

Raw fat for rendering

Paleo Foods: Animal Fat

Coconut oil is fantastic, and olive oil richly deserves all its good press. But they’re not the only Paleo fat...

Paleo oils

Paleo Foods: Olive Oil

It’s still a staple of the much-vaunted “Mediterranean Diet.” It’s the original “healthy fat.” And in this case, the goods...

Shrimp soup

Paleo Foods: Shrimp

Small but mighty, shrimp are a delicious way to get some of those incredibly valuable nutrients in seafood. And as...


Paleo Foods: Plantains

Getting a little bored with your safe starch rotation? Hunting for a way to switch things up without heading into...

Sweet potatoes

Paleo Foods: Sweet Potatoes

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with white potatoes (really!), sweet potatoes are certainly the king of the Paleo-friendly carb list....


Paleo Foods: Avocados

Some foods are valuable because they’re rich sources of micronutrients. Vegetables are a prime example of this: they don’t really...


Paleo Foods: Sardines

In 1795, Napoleon Bonaparte had a problem: his army was hungry. In the days before the invention of freezer trucks...

Bone broth

Paleo Foods: Bone Broth

What’s In a Bone? Looking at a bone, you might think it has nothing to offer in terms of nutrition....


Paleo Foods: Seaweed

Ask most people to start naming vegetables, and seaweed will come pretty far down the list, if it appears at...


Paleo Foods: Oysters

Oysters aren’t the most exciting kind of seafood around. They don’t spend their days sweeping majestically through icy Northern waters,...

Paleo Foods: Chestnuts

Paleo Foods: Chestnuts

The Eat This series will introduce foods that are less popular or underappreciated in Western societies, yet are widely available, nutritious and taste...

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