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Grocery Store Map Infographic

From deceptive food packaging to product placement, there’s a lot of pressure in the grocery store to get you buying profitable but unhealthy food. The standard advice to “shop the perimeter” is a good starting point, but there is some good stuff in the middle; you just have to find it! Use this map to help you navigate the store and find the good stuff. You can view an alternate version of this infographic here, in cases where your device might have issues rendering the interactive version.

Map key

Sections with green bars:

Area where most things are Paleo-friendly, and junk food is the exception.

Sections with red bars:

Areas where most things are junk food, and Paleo food is the exception.

Green dots:

Hidden treasure: Marks Paleo food hiding where you’d least expect it.

Red dots:

Here be dragons: Marks junk food in disguise, or hiding in Paleo-friendly places.

Can’t view the infographic after 20 seconds? Click here for an alternate version.