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Paleo Desserts for Allergies and Restricted Diets: An Interactive Guide

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If you or someone you cook for has an allergy, then you know the pain of trying to find Paleo treats and desserts. It seems like every single recipe has nuts or eggs hidden somewhere in the ingredients, even when it looks like it shouldn’t!

Granted, Paleo desserts aren’t the healthiest things you could be eating anyway, but for an occasional treat, they’re a mile ahead of the regular stuff. So here are some quick tips for finding allergy-friendly desserts, followed by an interactive search for some delicious recipes.

Tips for Creating Restriction-Friendly Desserts

The first rule of cooking for special diets is to never underestimate the ingenuity of your fellow foodies in coming up with substitutions. There’s a workaround for almost everything!

Ingredients: Chocolate

Ingredients: Flours

Cooking with grain-free flours can be an experiment in trial and error, but if you get good Bad coconutat working with a safe flour, you can open up a whole world of new options – especially if you figure out how to substitute for other common flours. Some tips:

Ingredients: Sweeteners

Paleo foods should be low in sweeteners, but sometimes you do need a little.

For a low-FODMAP diet:

For the autoimmune protocol:

Recipe Finder: Restriction-Friendly Desserts

Now for the good stuff! Here’s a choose-your-own-adventure guide to allergy-friendly goodies. Just fill in the form with your own particular set of food restrictions, and you’ll get a list of 10 treats that fit the bill.

There is no separate dairy-free category, but all the desserts listed can be easily made dairy-freee by taking the following steps, if required:

My special dietary restrictions are… (check all that apply)

Just check the boxes that apply to you and a list of 10 desserts will appear automatically.

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