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Food documentaries

“If we truly become what we eat, many of us can expect to become diseased mutants who are resistant to drugs and who will die not knowing what hit us.”

It can be relaxing and therapeutic to just sit down and watch a good movie or documentary. For anyone who’s concerned about their health and what’s behind the food they buy, it’s even more interesting when the subject is one that touches us as deeply as the way the current food industry works.

The Perfect Human Diet is a documentary that focuses specifically on the principles of eating food that follows our gene makeup the way Paleo does. It features the most prominent experts in the field of evolutionary nutrition.

Presented here are a brief review and commentary of the documentaries that expose the true nature of factory farms, the pollution of our food, the conflict of interest among high ranking government officials and the FDA, the rise of organics, metabolic syndrome and obesity, and the myth surrounding grains and health vs. fats and overall health.

Food Inc.

Food Inc. will show you the truth about our food system from seed to store shelves and how it affects the human body, the environment, and all the ecosystems that support life. People are suffering and dying all over the world because the food industry and governments refuse to acknowledge what’s happening to entire populations.

Most people shop for food without giving any thought to the cycle that gets food to the store shelves. This documentary shows us the glaring injustice, cruelty, corruption, and greed that puts it there.

“There’s this deliberate veil that’s dropped between us (the consumer) and where our food is coming from. The industry does not want us to know, because if we knew, we might not want to eat it.”

Warning: Some of the images in Food Inc. are graphic and disturbing. You may find it impossible to eat meat from factory farmed animals after watching this movie.

A small group of multinational corporations control nearly the entire world’s food supply from seed to supermarket. They don’t want us to know and they don’t want farmers talking about it. Assembly lines for animal processing and factories where livestock are housed in CAFO’s for the better part of their lives are breeding grounds for bacteria, disease, and mutilation.

  • Chickens that never see sunlight are raised in 49 days instead of 120.
  • Bones and internal organs can’t keep up with the rapid growth.
  • The use of antibiotics is rampant, creating antibiotic resistance in humans.
  • Some farmers have become allergic to antibiotics and they are no longer effective in feed.
  • Dust and feces accumulate in chicken houses.
  • It’s normal for a farmer to pile a dozen or more dead chickens for daily removal.
  • All chickens whether they’re sick or not, go to the plant for processing.
  • Companies keep farmers under control through contract debt and continual demands for upgrades to poultry houses and equipment.

Fortunately, the information is not all negative.

The organics industry has grown by more than 20% annually. You’ll learn about organic products now available even at Wal-Mart, thanks to consumer demand.

Joel Salatin from Polyface farms is interviewed and he clearly shows how we can effectively grow food and feed people while creating life and top soil instead of destroying it

You’ll also see Micheal Pollan, well known author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food interviewed throughout the movie.

If you have any interest at all in where your food comes from, how political interests sway what we eat and who produces it, knowing what foods to avoid, or preserving the earth, this is a very well made documentary.

Here is the trailer for a sneak peak:

King Corn

“Corn has conquered the world, and much of the world’s processed food is just a clever rearrangement of corn.”

In this excellent documentary, we follow two best friends who just finished college and who decide to go out to Iowa and grow an acre of corn to learn about the process by which corn enters our diets in huge quantities.

Well known specialists are interviewed including Michael Pollan, and a short appearance by Dr. Loren Cordain of The Paleo Diet fame.

30% of the land mass in the U.S. is planted with corn. Science is able to engineer corn into all sorts of foods and food ingredients, animal feed, fuel, and even clothing and building inputs.

The movie discusses the economic agenda behind today’s industrial farming. It shows how corn enters our diets mainly in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, some form of which is used in virtually every industrially processed and packaged food, and corn-fed meat.

  • It talks about how cows, which are not evolved to eat corn or grains, develop a hybrid strain of E-coli from standing in their own manure all day passing the bacteria through the herd. When they go to slaughter, their hides are caked with it.
  • Ammonia is now used as a processing tool to kill E-coli.

If you’re thinking about changing your current diet to a healthier Paleo lifestyle, this film is a must-see.

Watch the trailer below:

Fat Head

This documentary is informative and funny, narrated in a tongue-in-cheek manner between serious commentaries by experts.

When producer Tom Naughton saw Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, in which Spurlock ate 3 MacDonald’s meals a day for 30 days, he saw a lot of problems in the logic and results behind that experiment.

Naughton wanted to show that Spurlock is “full of bologna” and that it’s very possible to lose weight by eating at McDonald’s, as long as you make the right choices. You might have guessed it – the right choices are not low fat salads, but low carb choices without the soft drinks.

Drs. Al Sears, Mary Eades and Micheal Eades talk about how the low fat bias of our society is killing us and why the negative ideas about cholesterol and saturated fat are outdated misconceptions at best. Naughton even goes on a healthier diet where he eats lots of animal fat, meat, bacon, cheese, eggs and vegetables, and sees great results.

This movie reveals the myth of the low fat/high grain diet, with studies, none of which prove that a diet high in fat is bad for human health. Experts talk about:

  • How shifting to a low carbohydrate diet creates a shift in the blood from small dense-particle LDL to bigger fluffier HDL
  • How metabolic syndrome begins with spikes in blood sugar from processed carbohydrates

Naughton has a second visit with his doctor after his MacDonald’s diet. His test results proved better in all areas including weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, and lean body mass.

Take these movies to heart. At the very least, they’ll add some ammunition to the arsenal of elevator pitches you use on those who question your way of eating, and you may even make a few converts.

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