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Great food documentaries

It can be therapeutic to just sit down, relax and watch a good movie or documentary. It’s even more interesting though when it’s about a subject that touches us as closely as our health and the present food industry.

I’ll present here a quick review and commentary of the documentaries that ring true to us, Paleo eaters, while not necessarily bringing about the exact Paleo principles.

We don’t yet have a documentary that focuses specifically on the principles of eating food that follows our gene makeup like the Paleo diet, but it’s coming. The Perfect Human Diet is a work in progress that will feature the most prominent experts in the field of evolutionary nutrition and that is in post-production at this time. The team behind the movie needs our support to make it happen.

Food Inc.

I’ve watched this documentary a couple times already and I never get tired of it. In fact, every time I watch it, I shed some tears at the end, and I’m not the type to cry in movies. It just makes me extremely sad and angry to see how people are suffering and dying because we fail to see what’s so simple when you put one and one together. It’s amazing how bad factory farming has destroyed and is still destroying us and just about every living organism.

Food Inc. will show you the truth about our food system and what it does to us and the environment. Too many people pick up meat at the grocery store and think of it only as food in a packet forgetting the whole cycle of suffering and destruction behind its production. The documentary puts it right back in your face.

I think it’s impossible to consciously watch this movie and still want to eat meat from factory farmed animals.

Fortunately, it’s not only negative. We get to learn about organic products now available at Wal-Mart, thanks to consumer demand. Joel Salatin, from Polyface farms, is also interviewed and clearly shows how we can effectively grow food and feed people while creating life and top soil instead of destroying it, and this, just by doing the same thing Mother Nature already does.

You’ll also see Micheal Pollan, well known author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food interviewed throughout the movie.

All in all a very well made documentary for everybody who’s even remotely interested in being healthy and preserving the earth.

Here is the trailer for a sneak peak:

King Corn

In this excellent documentary, we follow two best friends who just finished college and who decide to go out to Iowa and grow an acre of corn to learn about the process by which corn enters our diets in huge quantities.

Again, well known specialists are interviewed in the movie. Micheal Pollan is one of them. There even is a short appearance of Dr. Loren Cordain, from the Paleo diet fame.

The movie discusses a lot about the economic agenda behind today’s industrial farming. It shows how corn enters our diets mainly in the form of high-fructose corn syrup and corn-fed meat and how cows get sick and fat eating corn. Another very good documentary. Watch the trailer below:

Fat Head

This is an interesting documentary that’s also very funny. When Tom Naughton saw Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, he saw a lot of problems in the logic and results behind his experiment where he ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month and got sick and fat. Naughton wanted to show that Spurlock is full of bologna and that it’s very possible to lose weight by eating at McDonald’s, as long as you make the right choices. You might have guessed it, the right choices are not low fat salads, but low carb choices without the soft drinks.

While I don’t agree with everything that is said (McDonald’s is still a very poor choice no matter what), the second half of the movie gets really interesting and revealing.

Drs. Al Sears, Mary Eades and Micheal Eades are interviewed about how the low fat bias of our society is killing us and why the negative ideas about cholesterol and saturated fat are a bunch of dirty lies. Naughton even goes on a healthier diet at the end of the movie where he eats lots of animal fat, meat, bacon, cheese, eggs and vegetables and sees great results. Interesting to see those concepts brought to the mainstream in the form of a documentary.

Another very good movie everyone should watch. Here is a funny and revealing part about the fallacy behind the lipid hypothesis:

I hope you’ll like those movies as much as I did and they will certainly add some arsenal to your elevator pitch for those who question your way of eating.

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