Paleo Leap’s Top 5 Recipes for the Month of June

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Probably one of the biggest things to celebrate for the month of June is the fact that school’s out for the summer! Of course, this probably means the most to all the students out there, but it can be fun for the parents and students who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Finally no meals have to be rushed because of studies and extra-curricular activities. In fact, parents can finally encourage their kids to spend more time in the kitchen with them.

This month seemed to get everyone excited about chicken. The most popular dish was a one-pan chicken dinner. Does convenient cooking get any better than that? One of our favorite things about cooking chicken is that it almost always makes for great leftovers and this is certainly the case for each of these recipes. We have also thrown together a great salad and we even got really creative and whipped up a summer-inspired pasta dish. Explore these 5 delicious recipes in more detail below!

Tuscan Chicken Skillet


A one-pan dinner recipe with a simple, savory Italian seasoning. Recipe here.

Broccoli and Apple Salad with Walnuts


A refreshingly crispy raw salad, perfect as a no-fuss side dish or an easy Paleo snack. Recipe here.

Chicken Drumsticks with Orange Glaze


Quick and flavor-packed chicken drumsticks with a gingery orange-cinnamon glaze. Recipe here.

Zucchini and Mushroom Pasta


A delicious and sophisticated take on grain-free noodles topped with fresh summer vegetables. Recipe here.

Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs


Throw something extra-delicious on the grill with these easy chicken kabobs flavored with a special ranch dressing. Recipe here.


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