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5 Paleo Ideas to Cure Leftover Turkey Boredom

Leftover turkey is great…for the first day or two. Then it starts getting a little blah, and re-creating the flavor profile of a Thanksgiving feast in different forms doesn’t help! So here are 5 ideas for jazzing up your leftovers, with a few recipes for each just to get you started.

1. Transform it into Curry

The generous amount of spices in most curry recipes gives the meat a completely different flavor and reduces the distinctive taste of the turkey itself.

Some recipes to help you spice it up:

2. Add Different Vegetables

Turkey can taste completely different if you pair it with vegetables that don’t typically make an appearance on the Thanksgiving table. Make it spicy, savory, or even sweet – just use the plants to add some interest to the same old turkey breast.

Some recipe ideas:Bowl of chili

3. Freeze it Properly

You don’t have to eat everything now. It’s perfectly fine to either freeze the turkey as-is, or to make something with it and then freeze it – then you can pull it out later when you’re ready for turkey again. But if you’re going to go the freezer route, here are some quick tips:

4. Add Another Meat

There’s no rule that once you’ve put turkey in a meal, your protein quota is filled and all other animals are barred from the plate! Why not mix it up by adding sausages to your leftover turkey soup. Or what about bacon? Everything’s better with bacon!

Some recipe ideas…

5. Switch up the Soup

Leftover turkey soup with turkey, celery, carrots, and onion? It’s good, but if you’re tired of turkey, it doesn’t really help, and just throwing in a bunch of kale doesn’t always do the trick either. So here are some ways to make that soup pop:

So…what’s your favorite way to make turkey leftovers interesting? Let us know on Facebook or Google+!