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10 Juicy Grilled Steak Recipes

Grilled steak recipes

It never seizes to amaze us how quickly summer comes and goes. It literally feels like it was just days ago that we were pulling out the grill to kick-off the season. Since we’re just a few weeks away from saying so-long to the BBQ, we thought it only fitting we try to jam in all our favorite grilled steak recipes. Here’s a compilation of some of the best paleo recipes going.

Grilled Thai Coconut Lime Skirt Steak – by Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Skirt steak is both reasonably price and tasty, especially when infused with these classic Thai flavors. You’ll also want to take note of the amazing cooking tips offered throughout this recipe.

Steak and Cucumber Salad – by Paleo Leap

Steak and Cucumber Salad

A stylish summer salad of juicy cucumbers and perfectly grilled steak, topped off with a flavor-packed sauce.

Grilled Tri-Tip with Green Garlic Salsa Verde – by Kitchen Konfidence

This simple marinade adds just the right amount of flavor to a piece of steak and when paired up with the green garlic salsa verde, it’s close to perfection.

Grilled Grass Fed Rib-Eye Steaks – by Nom Nom Paleo

There’s not that much to this recipe ingredient-wise, but lots of key tips about grilling the perfect steak. It goes to show that a good technique goes a long way.

Harissa Marinated Steak – by the Domestic Man


It’s always a good idea to have simple recipes on hand for when you just don’t have enough time in the kitchen. Here’s one that should top your list. It doesn’t get much simpler than two ingredients and it sure will be the most flavor-packed two ingredient recipe you’ve had yet!

Paleo Teriyaki Beef Shish Kabobs – by Paleo Newbie


Good grilled steak doesn’t always have to come in the form of one large chunk of meat. It’s hard to not love a good kabob! This recipe is a classic, combining marinaded steak with onions, peppers and juicy pineapple.

Mexican Steak with Mushrooms and Peppers – by Paleo Leap

Mexican Steak with Mushrooms and Peppers

Meet your new go-to grilled steak recipe, featuring a built-in vegetable side, and a classic flavor without a lot of prep time.

Grilled Steaks With Herb Butter – by Paleo Leap

A favorite recipe of ours we like to keep on hand for when our herb garden is in full bloom. You’ll want to make sure to at least double the recipe for the herb butter, it’s great with pretty much all meat and fish dishes.

Lime and Basil Beef Kabobs – by Mark’s Daily Apple

Another kabob recipe you won’t want to pass up on. You’ll want to use the marinade on everything.

AIP Teriyaki Steak with Kombucha Pickled Radish and Carrot Salad – by Paleo Parents

AIP Teriyaki Steak

For those of you looking for a flavorful autoimmune-friendly grilled steak recipe, look no further! We can’t help but also mention that the radish and carrot salad is a must.

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