Paleo Recipe Compilations

Top 10 Memorial Day Recipes

Top 10 Paleo Memorial Day Recipes

Even though Memorial Day weekend in the US is a time to remember the brave people who gave their lives...

Paleo plate

Paleo Leap’s Top 5 April Recipes

This just so happens to be a very exciting time of the year when it comes to food. We have...

Paleo Easter menu

Paleo Leap’s Easter Menu

With Easter just days away, we thought we could give you some help when it comes to planning the big...

Chicken drumsticks

Top 10 Paleo Finger Foods

Nothing brings out the primal side out of us more than eating with our hands. Things get even better when...

Paleo plate

Paleo Leap’s Top 5 March Recipes

In our kitchen we’re always busy trying to create new and exciting recipes, as well as trying to re-create those...

Valentine's day

Paleo Valentine’s Day Menu

With Valentine’s Day right at the door, I’m sure many of you are like me and scavenging around to plan...

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