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Paleo Foods: Cilantro

Cilantro highlights
The leaves of a coriander plant are commonly known as cilantro. Cilantro has been shown to have an antibacterial compound that can help fight food-borne illness, like salmonella.

Fresh cilantro has large, flat leaves and looks quite similar to flat-leaf parsley. Cilantro is often found in Thai cuisine, and in Mexican cooking, like salsa, guacamole and meat dishes. If cilantro is used in heated dishes, it’s usually added toward the end of cooking or as a garnish, like in a soup or stir-fry.

Nutrition Details

NutrientAbsolute amount per 1 ounce of cilantro leaves%DV per 1 ounce of cilantro leaves
Vitamin A1889 IU38%
Vitamin C7.6 mg13%
Vitamin K86.8 mcg109%
Manganese0.1 mg6%
Potassium146 mg4%

Macronutrients Macros in Context

Here’s how a serving of 1 ounce of cilantro stacks up in the context of a typical Paleo meal:

Blue bars show the typical range in grams for a Paleo meal. For example, a Paleo meal usually includes 30-60 grams of fat, but where you personally fall in that range will depend on your preference.

Orange dots show how 1 ounce of cilantro fits into the typical nutrient profile of a Paleo meal.

Macros in Context - Cilantro

Buying it Buy It

Type of pepperScoville Heat Units (SHU)
Habanero chili100,000-350,000


Cooking with it Cook It


Add finely chopped cilantro leaves to a fresh batch of guacamole.


Enhance the flavor of a soup by garnishing with a handful of chopped cilantro leaves.


Cilantro in a green sauce or chimichurri is perfect!


Toss chopped cilantro leaves into a stir-fry dish toward the end of cooking.


Recipe ideas Recipe Ideas

Cilantro-Lime Marinated Pork

Cilantro-Lime Marinated Pork

Pork Chops With Lemon-Cilantro Vinaigrette

Pork Chops With Lemon-Cilantro Vinaigrette

Cilantro And Lime Chicken

Cilantro And Lime Chicken

Chicken Tenders With Avocado-Cilantro Dip

Chicken Tenders With Avocado-Cilantro Dip

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